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  • China Xiangtai Pig Breeding Unit: China Xiangtai Food Co. (PLIN) (2005 – ): “I distrust China and I dislike the killing of animals so I will not invest in this industry. On the other side of my bias, China populations will continue to consume all they can. Maybe this will end the wildlife trade? That will be a plus.Dec 14, 14:54
  • Palantir Products – Palantir Gotham & Foundry ($PLTR): “I love the idea to weed the crooks. But when a company has a negative 295% profit margin I see it as risky. On the other side in January the US starts a new administration so this could take off. Added to my watch list.Dec 14, 14:44
  • Credit card & auto financing company: Atlanticus Holdings Corporation (ATLC): “This company surpassed all the other companies on my list today December 14, 2020. I will be worth following.Dec 14, 14:34
  • $GMHI – Gores Metropoulos, Inc.: “The combined company will have an implied pro forma enterprise value of approximately $2.9 billion and an equity value of approximately $3.4 billion at closing.Oct 13, 00:12
  • $GMHI – Gores Metropoulos, Inc.: “Luminar investor deck can be found here 11, 21:07
  • $WTRH – Waitr Holdings Inc.: “Upcoming catalyst : Earnings is expected to be 1st week of November.Oct 11, 15:53
  • $BOXL – Boxlight Corporation: “*Posted 15days ago* What is about to come for this company. Boxlight Receives $22,000,000 Investment from The Lind Partners.Boxlight Expands Sales Organization in North America.Boxlight – Gearing Up For More Acquisitions With Expensive Financing Transaction.Boxlight Acquires Screen Sharing Intellectual Property Portfolio.Boxlight Acquires Sahara Presentation Systems for GBP 74 Million (USD 94.9 Million).Oct 11, 15:52
  • $CBBT – Cerebain Biotech Corp.: “$CBBT is merging with PKG inc. they are in the final stages of the merger. PKG inc is a huge company with tons of employees. Alzheimer’s is a billion dollar sector in health.. CBBT is focused on Alzheimer and is creating a huge product for it. PKG wants to be a part of it. Oct 11, 15:41
  • $MARK – Remark Holdings, Inc.: “Remark Holdings posted a picture of their device installed at Raider Nations×900Oct 11, 15:35