A well-known distributor of industrial equipment and accessories in North America: HD Supply Holdings (HDS) (1974)

HD Supply Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: HDS) was founded in 1974, formerly known as HDS Investment Holding, Inc., changed to its current name in April 2013, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with 14,000 full-time employees and North America A well-known distributor of industrial products.

HD Supply

HD Supply Holdings (HDS):

HD Supply is an industrial distributor in North America, providing a wide range of products and value-added services to approximately 500,000 professional customers, including maintenance, repair and operation, infrastructure, power and special construction industries. On June 27, 2013, HD Supply Holdings, Inc., the indirect parent company of HD Supply, Inc., announced that it had issued 53,191,489 shares of common stock in its initial public offering at a price of $18.00 per share. The stock began trading on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker symbol HDS on June 27, 2013. After the listing, the company continued by the private equity firm Bain Capital ( Bain Capital ), The Carlyle Group ( Carlyle Group ) and Clayton, Dubilier & Rice has a majority stake. As of 12/16/2014 SEC documents show that the Carlyle Group and Clayton, Dubilier & Rice sold their holdings.

HD Supply Holding Company is divided into 4 divisions to operate:

  1. Facilities Maintenance (equipment maintenance)-provide electricity and lighting projects, plumbing products, air-conditioning system (HVAC) products, home appliances, cleaning supplies, hardware, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, curtains, textiles and guest supplies, health care products, and water and Wastewater treatment products.
  2. Waterworks (tap water)-provides pipes, fittings, valves, fire hydrants and meters for the construction, maintenance, repair, fusible pipeline solutions and engineering treatment plant products and services for water and wastewater systems and fire protection systems.
  3. Construction & Industrial’White Cap (building industry)-provides tilt-up support systems, forming and support systems, concrete chemistry, hand and power tools, cutting tools, steel bars, safety and fall prevention equipment, screws and fasteners, sealants And adhesives, drainage pipes, geosynthetics, erosion and sediment control equipment, and other engineering materials for non-residential and residential construction.
  4. Corporate & Other (corporate and other)——Provide home improvement solutions, such as light renovation and construction supplies, in addition to aromatic and bathroom cabinets, windows, pipeline materials, electrical equipment and other commodities, and provide indoor solutions, including floors, cabinets, Countertops, window coverings, and provide design center services.

HD Supply Holdings, Inc. provides services to contractors, maintenance professionals, home builders, industrial companies and government entities.

HD Supply Holdings (HDS) History:

  • In 1974, the predecessor of the company Maintenance Warehouse was founded;
  • In 1997, The Home Depot acquired Maintenance Warehouse;
  • On July 12, 2000, N–E Thing Supply Company was acquired;
  • On August 12, 2003, it acquired Economy Maintenance Supply;
  • In 2004, Maintenance Warehouse was renamed HD Supply;
  • On October 2, 2005, USABlueBook was acquired;
  • In January 2006, Home Depot announced that it would acquire Hughes Supply for US$3.2 billion and integrate Hughes Supply into HD Supply;
  • In 2007, Bain Capital LLC together with The Carlyle Group and Clayton, Dubilier & Rice acquired HD Supply;
  • On April 2, 2012, HD Supply Facilities Maintenance acquired Peachtree Business Products.
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