A world-renowned chemical company: Aceto Corporation (ACET) (1947)

Aceto Corporation (or translation: Aceto Corporation), Aceto Corp. (NASDAQ: ACET) was founded in 1947, headquartered in New York, USA, with 286 full-time employees. It is a world-renowned chemical company that mainly develops and produces pesticides , Fabric dyes, food additives and inks, etc.

Aceto Corporation ACET Logo

Aceto (ACET) Aceto (ACET):

Aceto/Aceto is a world-renowned chemical product and production and processing company. It is a global leader in procurement, quality assurance, regulatory support, marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals, health products, specialty chemicals and crop protection products By. Produce more than 600 kinds of chemicals, mainly used in agriculture, pharmaceutical industry and clothing dyeing industry.

In agriculture, there are mainly insecticides, herbicides, deodorants, sterilants and other products; chemicals and dyes are used in textiles, plastic products, cosmetics, food additives, color inks, etc.

Aceto’s main customers include Monsanto , DuPont , Kodak, etc., which are world-renowned and industry leaders . The company’s main business is concentrated in the United States, Europe and Asia. More than 50% of its revenue comes from Europe and 35%. From Asia.

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