Accounting, Taxation and Insurance Consulting Services: CBIZ, Inc. (CBZ) (1987)

CBIZ, Inc. (NYSE:CBZ) was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, with 4,400 full-time employees. Through its subsidiaries, it provides professional business services, products and solutions in the United States and Canada, including accounting and taxation. , Insurance and other consulting.


CBIZ, Inc. (CBZ):

CBIZ company is divided into 3 departments to operate: Financial Services (Financial Services), Employee Services (Employee Services), National Practices (National Practices).

  1. Financial Services -provides accounting, taxation, government healthcare consulting, financial consulting, valuation, litigation support, risk and real estate consulting services.
  2. Employee Services -Provide employee benefits, property and casualties, retirement plans, wages, life insurance, human capital, salary consulting, administrative recruitment and actuarial services.
  3. National Practices -Provide management network and hardware, as well as healthcare consulting services.

CBIZ provides services to businesses, individuals, government entities and non-profit enterprises of all sizes.

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