Agricultural machinery manufacturer: Art’s-Way Manufacturing (ARTW) (1956)

Art’s-Way Manufacturing Co., Inc. (NASDAQ:ARTW) was founded in 1956 and is headquartered in Armstrong, Iowa, USA. It has 127 full-time employees. It produces and sells agricultural equipment and is specialized in modularization. Scientific buildings, pressure steel vessels and steel cutting tools.

Arts Way Manufacturing

Art’s-Way Manufacturing (ARTW):

Art’s Way (brand name Art’s Way, MillerPro, AgroTrend, Universal Harvester, American Carbide Tool) is an American company mainly engaged in the manufacture of agricultural machinery. Other operations include land preparation equipment, pressure vessels, modular buildings and machine tools.

Hidden content Art’s-Way Manufacturing Co., Inc. is divided into 4 departments to operate:

  • Agricultural Products Department (Agricultural Products)-provides professional agricultural machinery, including portable and stationary animal feed processing equipment and related accessories; straw shredders, hay and forage equipment; portable grain augers; fertilizer spreaders; sugar beet harvesting equipment ; Land maintenance equipment; motorcycle plows; potato harvesters; combination and corrugated reels; snow and silage blowers; and after-sales service. The product brands of this department include: Arts-Way, Miller Pro, Roda, M&W, Badger, and UHC by Art’s-Way.
  • Pressurized Vessels (Pressurized Vessels)-provides for water treatment, air receivers, oil refineries, cogeneration, chemical, petrochemical, storage tanks, agriculture, ships, refrigeration, hydro-pneumatics, heavy equipment, pharmaceuticals and mining Industry’s steel containers and sealing systems. The department also provides customized CAD drawings, welding, interior lining and exterior decoration, passivation and passivation of stainless steel, hydrostatic and pneumatic testing, pipe installation, non-destructive inspection and heat treatment, as well as sliding design, construction and finishing services.
  • Modular Buildings (Modular Buildings)-build pig farms and complex containment research laboratories, as well as provide research facilities for academic research institutions, government research and diagnostic centers, public health institutions, and private research and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Tools department (Tools)-provides standard single-point brazing carbide tips, as well as polycrystalline diamond and cubic boron nitride blades and tools.

Gravity Resources sells its products through independent agricultural equipment distributors, manufacturer representatives, direct sales and global OEM sales channels.

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