Air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment company: Lennox International (LII) (1895)

Lennox International Inc. (NYSE:LII) was founded by Dave Lennox in 1895 and is headquartered in Richardson, Texas, USA, with 10,000 full-time employees (2016/2/4). It is a company with a century-old history The world’s leading supplier of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Lennox International Inc Logo

Lennox International (LII):

Reynolds International Group is a global leading supplier of heating equipment, ventilation equipment, air conditioning equipment, and refrigeration equipment. It has a history of 100 years. Its business includes designing, manufacturing and selling a series of products. It is a supplier of environmental regulation solutions and its products are mainly sold To the United States and Europe (the Americas account for 87%, and Europe and the Asia-Pacific region account for 13%).

The core business of Lennox International Inc. includes household and commercial (63% household and 37% commercial) heating and cooling equipment, Sick refrigeration equipment mainly used for food preservation, and a full set of professional services. The main business is household Heating and cooling equipment. With a full range of distribution channels, each major business has shaped its own strong brands, including Lennox, Armstrong Air, Bohn, Larkin, Heatcraft, etc.

Reynolds International Group’s business is divided into three departments to operate: Residential Heating & Cooling, Commercial Heating & Cooling and Refrigeration.

  1. Residential heating and cooling department : Provide stoves, air conditioners, heat pumps, heating and cooling systems, indoor air quality equipment, comfort control products, and replacement parts for new and improved houses.
  2. Commercial heating and refrigeration sector : for commercial buildings, shopping malls and other retail and entertainment buildings, institutions, and engineering applications in other fields to provide rooftop units, split system/air handling unit combinations, small packaging units, chillers, etc.; in business Installation and service of heating and cooling equipment.
  3. Refrigeration department : Provide condensing units, unit coolers, liquid coolers, air condensers, air handlers, chillers, supermarket refrigerated display cabinets, etc. for light commercial vehicles, food preservation, and non-food/industrial market systems.

Lennox International sells its products through distributors and company retail stores, mainly to the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific and South America.

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