American Film Advertising Company: National CineMedia (NCMI)

National CineMedia, Inc. (NASDAQ:NCMI) was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Centennial, Colorado, USA, with 572 full-time employees. Through its subsidiary National CineMedia, LLC, it operates a digital cinema network in North America.

National CineMedia

National CineMedia (NCMI):

National CineMedia (NCM) is an American film advertising company. NCM uses cinema, online and mobile technologies to display advertisements to American consumers. NCM displays theater advertisements through digital theater networks, including theaters owned by AMC Entertainment Inc. (excluding certain theaters, such as some theaters after AMC acquired Carmike Cinemas ), Cinemark Holdings, Inc. , Regal Entertainment Group and other theaters.

The publicly listed National CineMedia, Inc. is the managing partner of NCM and owns 48.8% of NCM. Regal’s parent companies, Cineworld and Cinemark, hold the remaining shares of NCM.

National CineMedia is committed to selling advertisements to national, regional and local enterprises through Noovie. Noovie is a movie advertisement and entertainment program on the movie screen; and sells advertisements on its lobby entertainment network, as well as other forms in the theater lobby Advertising and promotional activities.

International Image Media also sells online and mobile advertising through its Noovie digital products and through its Cinema Accelerator digital products to reach entertainment audiences outside of theaters.

FirstLook is a pre-function programming of NCM. FirstLook broadcasts pre-film advertising and entertainment in movie theaters. The content is provided by ABC Networks, A&E Television Networks, Amazon , Disney , Fandango, Google , Hulu, Microsoft , NBC, Nintendo and Turner Broadcasting System ( Turner). Broadcasting System ) and other content partners.

National CineMedia, Inc. provides services to third-party cinema circuits under a long-term network affiliate agreement.

In May 2014, Screenvision signed a merger agreement with NCM for US$375 million. Since Screenvision and NCM jointly provided advertisements for 34,000 of the 39,000 movie theaters nationwide, the Department of Justice prevented the merger on antitrust issues. In March 2015, Screenvision and NCM terminated their transaction, and NCM paid Screenvision a liquidated damages of US$26.8 million.

In May 2017, NCM acquired Fantasy Movie League

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