American Gold Mining Corporation: Vista Gold Corp. (VGZ) (1983)

Vista Gold Corp. (AMEX: VGZ, TSE: VGZ ) was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, USA. It has 12 full-time employees. It mainly conducts gold exploration and potential development project evaluation, acquisition, exploration and development in Australia and North America. Advance.

Vista Gold Corp.

Vista Gold Corp. (VGZ):

Vista Gold Corp. is a well-funded gold project developer, mainly holding the Mt Todd gold project in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Vista Gold’s flagship asset is a 100% ownership of the Mt Todd gold mine project in the Northern Territory; in addition, it also holds approximately 4.4% of the outstanding common stock of Midas, as well as non-core project interests in Mexico, the United States and Indonesia.

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