American health insurance giant: Anson Insurance Anthem (ANTM) (1944)

Anson Insurance Anthem, Inc. (NYSE:ANTM, NYSE:ANTX) was founded in 1944, formerly WellPoint, Inc., (Weipeng Medical Network, NYSE: WLP), changed to its current name in December 2014, headquartered Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, with 56,000 full-time employees, it is the second largest health and medical insurance company in the United States. As of December 31, 2017, the company has approximately 40.2 million insured households.

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Anson Insurance Anthem (ANTM):

Anson Insurance Company, formerly known as WellPoint, is the largest health insurance company in the United States and the company with the largest number of commercial insureds in the United States. Recently, a number of health insurance companies have been introduced successively, including: Hamena , Cigna Insurance , Aetna Insurance , and United Health as previously introduced . The business is basically the same. The difference is the area covered by the business and the insured (insurance). Households). You can pay attention together, so I won’t introduce more.

Anson Insurance Anthem (ANTM) family members:

Anthem Behavioral Health, Anthem Dental, Anthem Vision, Anthem Life Insurance Company, American Imaging Management, HealthCore, HealthLink, Health Management Corporation, Golden West Dental & Vision, Meridian Resource Company, National Government Services, Inc., OneNation Benefit Administrators, PrecisionRx Specialty Solutions, Resolution Health, Inc., UniCare, United Government Services, WellChoice New Jersey, WellPoint Behavioral Health, WellPoint Dental Services, WellPoint NextRx, WellPoint Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Services.

Anson Insurance Anthem (ANTM) investment:

It was stated on July 24, 2015 that Anson Insurance Anthem announced that it would acquire Cigna Group . This $54.2 billion transaction will create the largest medical insurance company in the United States. And just three weeks ago, Aetna agreed to acquire Humana for 37 billion U.S. dollars , which was part of the industry consolidation that emerged after the Obama administration promoted the medical reform program.

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