America’s largest funeral, cremation, and cemetery service company: Service Corporation International (SCI) (1962)

Service Corporation International (NYSE: SCI) was founded in 1962, headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, with 15,508 full-time employees (2018). It is the largest funeral service provider in North America, providing a full set of funeral services, including cremation, cemetery, etc. .


Service Corporation International (SCI):

The original business philosophy of Service Corporation International was to reduce people’s expenditure on funeral and interment through corporatization and intensive management. Specific measures include anti-corrosion, transportation, accounting strategies, and “combined tombs”. In the early 1960s, after confirming that the intensive model was feasible, Robert and some of his original partners began to extend their successful experience. The next 30 years are the 30 years of rapid expansion of the company. By the end of 1992, the company had more than 1,400 public offerings and funeral homes in North America. In 1993, SCI broke through North America, expanded its business scope and acquisition tentacles to Europe and Australia, and acquired a number of funeral service companies in France, the United Kingdom and Australia. As of 1999, the company has more than 4,500 funeral service organizations and cemeteries in more than 20 countries around the world.

In view of the superior growth of Service Corporation International, in the 1990s, he continued to implement large-scale acquisitions in North America and other regions. However, this caused the company to have greater cash flow problems. Therefore, the company reassessed the value of its expansion. And strategy, although overseas acquisitions are beginning to show off, after all, 70% of its revenue still comes from North America. Therefore, since 2000, SCI has begun to divest overseas businesses on a large scale (because some of the businesses are not in SCI’s long-term strategic interests).

After several years of unremitting efforts, the company’s cash flow and financial conditions have been significantly improved. Between 2002 and 2006, SCI has improved efficiency through streamlining institutions, establishing performance and accountability systems, not only reducing more than $1 billion in debt, but also Greatly increased cash flow, improved the company’s operating conditions and financial performance. In addition, SCI has also strengthened corporate governance standards by improving business and sales procedures and strengthening internal control of the company, and has set a model throughout the industry. In November 2006, Service Corp International acquired its biggest competitor-Alderwoods network, which enabled the company’s business to cover 44 states in the United States, Colombia and 8 provinces in Canada. In early 2010, SCI acquired another large funeral service company-Keystone North America. In 2013, it acquired Stewart Enterprises, Inc., a cemetery company. As of December 31, 2017, Service Corporation International is in 45 states, Puerto Rico, and Columbia. In addition, 8 provinces in Canada operate 1,488 funeral homes and 473 cemeteries (including 281 funeral services/cemetery locations). They are well-deserved “King of Funerals”!

Service Corp International provides services under the brands Dignity Memorial, Dignity Planning, National Cremation Society, Advantage Funeral and Cremation Services, Funeraria del Angel, Making Everlasting Memories, Neptune Society and Trident Society.

Service Corporation International (SCI) investment:

American baby boomers [1] are currently generally in the 60-70 year-old range. SCI will be the most direct beneficiary of American baby boomers. It is recommended to pay attention.

Note [1]

The American baby boom is translated from Baby boom (baby boom), specifically referring to the “4664” phenomenon in the United States after World War II: from 1946 to 1964, the baby boom population reached 76 million in the 18 years. Known as the “baby boom generation”.

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