America’s largest nuclear power company: Exelon Corporation (EXC) (1887)

Exelon Corporation (Exelon Power Company, Exelon Power Company) was founded in 1887 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with 33,383 full-time employees. It is a public utility service holding company in the United States Engaged in energy production and transmission business, it is also the largest nuclear power company in the United States .

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Exelon Corporation (EXC):

Exelon Corporation (Stock Code: EXC) is a utility service company engaged in energy production and transmission in the United States. The company has various types of power generation equipment, including nuclear power generation equipment, fossil fuel power generation equipment, hydroelectric power generation equipment, wind power generation equipment, and solar power generation equipment. In addition, it also provides renewable energy and other energy-related products and services, as well as natural gas and oil exploration and production business. Electricity and natural gas are mainly sold to wholesale and retail customers.

Exlong provides services such as power acquisition, regulation, power transmission, and distribution to retail customers. The service areas include northern Illinois, southeastern Pennsylvania, and central Maryland. It also provides natural gas acquisition, regulation, and distribution services to retail customers. The service area includes counties around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, central Maryland, and Baltimore. Exlong’s service targets include power distribution companies, municipalities, cooperatives, financial institutions, commerce, industry, government, and residential users.

EXCRON (EXC) is the largest nuclear power company in the United States, with 10 power plants that can generate 18,000 megawatts a year, accounting for 20% of the US nuclear power generation. Its subsidiaries are mainly engaged in the production, purchase, transmission, distribution and sales of electricity for residential, commercial, industrial and wholesale customers; and at the same time, they are engaged in the distribution and sales of natural gas for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

In 2005, Exelon, a U.S. electric utility operator, spent US$12 billion to purchase the U.S. Public Utilities Group (PSE&G). The merger of the two companies formed the largest electric power company in the United States. After the merger, the company changed its name to Exelon Electric & Gas to provide power services to 7 million users in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The company’s annual revenue will exceed $26 billion.

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