America’s largest wedding information group: XO Group XO Group (XOXO) (1996)

XO Group, XO Group Inc. (NYSE: XOXO) was founded in 1996, formerly known as The Knot, Inc., changed its current name in June 2011, headquartered in New York, USA, with 741 full-time employees. It is a wedding resource The network provides and preparation services for wedding suppliers, and guides partners from different life stages such as marriage, living together, and having children.

XO Group XOXO Logo

XO Group (XOXO):

XO Group Inc. is an online media company that uses multi-platform brands, including: The Knot, The Bump and The Nest, to guide partners to change from different life stages such as marriage, co-living and having children. It includes websites and magazines. , TV shows, related books and many other media assets.

XO Group provides consumers with online cross-platform media services for the marriage, pregnancy, childcare and home markets, and uses different platforms as contact channels for customer groups. The entire brand adopts network-specific media, mobile applications, magazines and books, and TV And movies, only the Nest brand uses the media channels of mobile apps, TV and magazines.

XO Group’s national digital advertising products, including sponsorship and brand integrated content, digital banner advertising, local banner advertising and direct email marketing.

Historical evolution of XO Group (XOXO):

  • In 1996, David Liu, David’s son Carley Roney and two other partners Rob Fassino and Michael Wolfson founded The Knot Inc., because its initial seed funding came from AOL , and the company was originally a section of AOL;
  • In 1997, The Knot Inc.’s own website was established;
  • On December 2, 2000, The Knot Inc. founded its own bridal magazine, The Knot Weddings Magazine, and IPO;
  • In 2001, The Knot Inc. acquired WeddingPages, Inc.;
  • In 2004, he founded the TV show-Real Weddings from The Knot;
  • In April 2005, The Knot Inc. was listed on Nasdaq, stock code: KNOT;
  • In 2006, The Knot Inc. acquired to consolidate its position in the bridal media field;
  • In 2008, The Knot Inc. released to serve the group of new parents;
  • In June 2010, the number of members reached 20 million;
  • In June 2011, the company changed its name to XO Group Inc. and transferred to the New York Stock Exchange, stock code: XOXO;
  • In October 2015, XO Group announced the acquisition of GigMasters.
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