Anticancer drug company: Blueprint Medicines (BPMC) (2011)

Blueprint Medicines (NASDAQ: BPMC) was established in April 2011, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, with 106 full-time employees, and was funded by Third Rock Ventures.

blueprint medicines

Blueprint Medicines (BPMC):

The vision of Blueprint Medicines (BPMC) is to transform the acute symptoms of cancer into acceptable and manageable subacute symptoms through drugs to improve the lives and quality of life of cancer patients. In order to achieve this goal, BPMC has revolutionized and systematically developed highly selective drugs and drug combinations ( kinase inhibitors ) from cancer genomics to combat the drug resistance mechanism of cancer viruses.

Blueprint Medicines has world-class management, consultants and R&D teams in cancer genomics, pharmacology, and oncology. Blueprint Medicines has developed a platform that combines genomics and a novel kinase inhibitor library, enabling the rapid development of Blueprint for cancer Genome’s powerful and highly selective compound drugs.

Early clinical trials have proved that Blueprint can provide clear, personalized and precise help to patients by focusing on the development of highly selective drugs for cancer patients with proven genes, reducing the waste of time and money for patients, and improving patients Quality of life in the late stage.

In addition, Blueprint Pharmaceuticals is expected to launch two new products for the hospital treatment stage of cancer by the end of 2015.

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