Apollo Education Group: Apollo Education (APOL)-Delisting (1973)

The American Apollo Education Group (or: Apollo Education Group) Apollo Education Group, Inc. (NYSE: APOL) was founded in 1973, formerly known as Apollo Group, Inc., changed its current name in November 2013, and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, with 34,000 full-time employees. It is a private educational service organization that provides adult on-the-job higher education. It is also the largest provider of higher education programs in the United States. It has four colleges and universities-the University of Phoenix and the Institute of Professional Development , School of Financial Planning and Western International University.

Update : In May 2016, Apollo Education Group merged with Apollo Global Management .

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Apollo Education Group (APOL):

The American Apollo Education Group is the world’s largest listed education company by market capitalization: it has the University of Phoenix, Avia College, Western International University, and the School of Financial Planning. Among them, the University of Phoenix is ​​the flagship school of the Apollo Group. It is the first in the United States to have a chartered for-profit university for working adults, and it is also the largest private university in the United States, providing degree education and vocational training for working adults. ; There are 74,400 adult students studying for degrees, distributed in 28 branch schools and 61 learning centers. In addition, Apollo Group has also invested in Apollo Learning Corporation and Apollo International Corporation.

Apollo Education Group provides college students, postgraduates, professional development, and other non-academic education projects and services through the company’s education platform, including online and campus-style learning. Apollo Education Group’s learning platforms include domestic and international ones. The domestic university platforms include University of Phoenix, Inc.; Western International University, Inc; The College for Financial Planning Institutes Corporation; Carnegie Learning, Inc. and Apollo Lightspeed. The international platform provides educational programs outside the United States through its subsidiary-Apollo Global, Inc.

The American Apollo Education Group (or: Apollo Education Group) was listed on the Nasdaq in 1995 and later transferred to the New York Stock Exchange.

In 2009, Polo Education Group and Carlyle Group acquired British education listed company-BPP Holdings Co., Ltd. (BPP Holdings), including Mind Poly Manwood V College, etc. After the completion of the acquisition, BPP Became a subsidiary of Apollo Education.

Apollo Education Group (APOL) investment:

Delisting the company!

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