Are You Ready for Amazon Prime Day – October 13 and 14 This Year ($AMZN)

Amazon Prime Day 2020

Two days. Top deals. Oct 13 - 14.

Amazon, the world’s first and largest comprehensive internet shopping mall, offered special deals to customers at Amazon’s prime day around October, at a discount of almost twice as much as usual. . These high discounts are comparable to the sales level of “Black Friday” or “Cyber ​​Monday,” and they greeted customers with a high discount rate and a variety of products and conditions that are almost twice size of what other retailers offered.

Amazon Prime Day was first launched in 2015 to mark Amazon’s 20th anniversary. At this time, Amazon Prime Day also recorded a record high of $400 million in single-day sales. A professional analyst in the fashion industry predicted that Amazon Prime Day sales in 2016 would be about $1 billion, twice that of 2015. As of today, Amazon Prime Day is popular among not only US customers but international customers.

On the New York Stock Exchange, Amazon’s share price closed at $3,221.26, up 2.3% from the previous trading day – 10/1/2020.

Amazon’s share price is due to increasing investors’ interest due to prime day expectations and the possibility of a stock split.

On this day, Amazon had a higher rate of increase compared to other technology stocks.

This is because Microsoft closed at $209.44, up 0.78%, and Google Alphabet, up 1.36% to $1,458.66.

E-commerce and cloud computing giant Amazon is also drawing attention from investors as it may announce a stock split in the near future.

If the share price is split into 6-1, there is also a cautious outlook that the stock price will rise to $500 after the split.

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