Argentina’s largest food supplier: Adecoagro SA (AGRO)(2002)

Adecoagro SA (NYSE: AGRO) was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Luxembourg with 7,918 full-time employees. It is an agricultural company and the largest food supplier in Argentina .

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Adecoagro SA (AGRO):

Adecoagro SA is an agricultural company engaged in the production of crops and other agricultural products, dairy, sugar, ethanol and energy, and land conversion in South America. The company is divided into 3 departments to operate: Farming (subdivided into Crops, Rice, Dairy, All other ), Sugar, Ethanol & Energy, Land Transformation.

  • Adecoagro grows, harvests and sells grains, oilseeds and fiber, including wheat, corn, soybeans, cotton, sunflower, etc.; provides grain storage/conditioning, processing and drying services for third parties.
  • Adecoagro is also engaged in growing, harvesting, processing and selling rice; and producing and selling fluid milk and other dairy products.
  • In addition, Adecoagro is also involved in the planting and processing of cane sugar and ethanol, and the use of bagasse to generate heat; it acquires uncultivated and unmanaged arable land and realizes value through the strategic allocation of assets.
  • In addition, Adecoagro also leases about 27,216 hectares of pasture to cattle farms in Argentina; and leases coffee plantations in Rio de Janeiro to third parties.

As of December 31, 2016, Adecoagro SA had a total of 246,139 hectares of land, including 19 farms in Argentina, 11 farms in Brazil, and 1 farm in Uruguay; 3 rice processing facilities in Argentina; 2 dairy farms in Argentina, approximately There are 6,880 dairy cows; 11 grain and rice processing and storage plants in Argentina; 3 sugar and ethanol plants in Brazil; and a power plant with a sugarcane crushing capacity of 11.2 million tons and a total installed capacity of 232 MW.

As of December 31, 2018, Adecoagro had a total of 231,712 hectares of land, including 19 farms in Argentina, 9 farms in Brazil and 1 farm in Uruguay; 3 rice processing plants in Argentina; and 3 dairy facilities in There are approximately 8,035 dairy cows in Argentina. It also has 11 grain and rice conditioning and storage plants in Argentina; Brazil has 3 sugar and ethanol plants, with a sugarcane crushing capacity of 12.3 million tons, and a total of 232 megawatts of cogeneration capacity.

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