Asset evaluation and clearing service company: Heritage Global Inc. (HGBL) (1983)

Heritage Global Inc. (NASDAQ: HGBL) was established in 1983, formerly known as Counsel RB Capital Inc., and changed to its current name in August 2013. It is headquartered in San Diego, California, and has 46 full-time employees, together with its subsidiaries. Asset liquidation business.

Heritage Global

Heritage Global Inc. (HGBL):

Heritage Global Inc. (HGBL) is a diversified financial services company that provides acquisition, disposal, evaluation and loan services for excess and non-performing assets. Heritage Global Inc. operates through the following operating divisions:

  • Heritage Global Partners: Asset Advisory & Auction Services (asset advisory and auction services)
  • Heritage Global Valuations: Business Asset & Inventory Valuations (Corporate Assets and Inventory Valuations)
  • Heritage National Loan Exchange: Charged Off Portfolio Monetization
  • Heritage Global Capital: Specialty Financier For Financial Asset Transactions

Heritage Global Inc.’s asset clearing business mainly includes auction, appraisal and asset advisory services; accounts receivable brokerage services; mergers and acquisitions advisory services; industrial machinery and equipment, real estate, inventory, accounts receivable and non-performing debt sales, including through auctions The sale made.

Heritage Global Inc. also provides value-added capital and financial asset solutions, such as auction and appraisal services and traditional asset disposal and sales, as well as professional financing solutions for investors in the offset and non-performing asset portfolio.

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