Australian genetic testing company: Genetic Technologies (GENE) (1989)

Genetic Technologies Limited (NASDAQ:GENE) was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Fitzroy, Australia. It has 10 full-time employees. It is a gene sequencing and genetic testing service company. Its current business is mainly carried out in the United States and Australia.

Genetic Technologies Limited

Genetic Technologies (GENE):

Genetic Technologies Limited, a subsidiary of National Nominees Limited, provides a series of genetic testing and sequencing services, including: breast cancer detection, ovarian cancer detection, bowel cancer detection, uterine cancer detection, prostate cancer detection, neurogenic diagnostic analysis, epilepsy SCN1A The detection of gene-related diseases is similar to MYGN .

In addition, Gene Technology Co., Ltd. also provides DNA paternity testing services, prenatal DNA testing, identification of legal heirs of the deceased’s inheritance, DNA analysis services, kinship identification and determination services (such as grandparents, siblings, etc.), forensic identification services. It can provide other services that make customers feel at ease, such as those who want to have twins, those who want to have boys, and so on.

The leading product of Genetic Technologies Limited is BREVAGenplus, which is a clinically validated risk assessment test product for non-genetic breast cancer. Genetech mainly sells its products in the United States and Australia to health professionals in breast care and imaging centers, as well as obstetricians/gynecologists and breast cancer risk assessment experts, such as breast surgeons.

Gene Technology Co., Ltd. and the University of Melbourne reached a research and service agreement on the development and enhancement of the BREVAGenplus breast cancer risk assessment test.

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