Australian social technology stocks: MOKO Social Media (MOKO)-delisting (2013)

Moko Social Media Limited (NASDAQ: MOKO), formerly, was changed to its current name in September 2013. It is a small-cap social technology stock headquartered in Highgate, Australia.


MOKO Social Media:

MOKO belongs to the social media sector that has attracted much market attention, but it stands out because of its unique business model. This company has only 9.55 million shares in circulation. As the mobile terminal gradually begins to defeat the computer terminal, companies that focus on the mobile market will benefit a lot from it, and MOKO is such a company.

MOKO’s latest news announced on Monday that the Blue Nation Review, a news and communication center developed for political supporters, has grown very gratifying. Its Facebook fan base has grown three times faster than the fans of other fast-growing competitors, and its Twitter followers have increased by nearly 60% in the past 90 days.

The financial reporting season of social media listed companies has come to an end, which has become one of the most disappointing sectors of the entire market this quarter. In particular, the four major social media companies have all seen plummeting ( TWTR -20%; LNKD -23%; YELP -30%; FB -2%). Some analysts claim that the sell-off of social media stocks is a bit excessive, so a quick rebound may happen at any time, but most of their views are wrong. Even the strong stock index did not produce much help.

The common problems of Wall Street’s favorite Internet stocks are the slowdown in user growth, the reduction of local advertising contracts, the reduction of subscriber base, and the dependence on the company’s business model. These problems have led to the expectation that the growth rate will also slow in the second half of the year, which will be a punishment for the stock. The reason is very simple. With the rapid changes in consumer habits, the main way social media companies make money has become more impractical. Google recently announced that its mobile search surpassed computer search for the first time in the United States and 9 other countries. Apart from FB, no company has figured out how to take advantage of the new mobile habits of internet addicts.

Those small companies that built mobile market platforms by default from the beginning are the leaders of this game. There are also many small-cap stocks entering the global social media market in creative ways. One of these companies is Moko Social Media Ltd, which does a different business from other companies. Usually, companies first create a website, then attract a group of users and then monetize it. On the contrary, MOKO first finds the audience, then analyzes the needs of the population, and at the same time creates an effective way to communicate with other people, and finally builds a special social media platform for this special group. MOKO will monetize software through sponsorship, content aggregation, social network distribution, advertising, and other monetization of apps based on the platform.

MOKO positions itself as a platform publishing company, at the forefront of the next generation of social media, where the participation rate through mobile devices is as high as 90%. The Australian-based company is targeting groups such as students, political advocates, active people, and millennial women. For each type of audience, MOKO has designed customized software, and its monthly unique visitors totaled 8.1 million.

Although this is far from FB, it is worth noting that MOKO’s user base and social coverage are growing at an alarming rate, and its monthly unique visitors have surged by 60% since December 2014. In addition, MOKO also attracted a group of large companies to advertise on its software, especially the very popular software, such as BNR and Tagroom. Among its customers are these companies: Canon (CAJ), Intel ( INTC ), Corona Extra, The Rolling Stones Magazine, Bulleit Bourbon Whisky, etc.

MOKO is a very young social media company, but their technology and platform already have a proven concept. Judging from the company’s amazing monthly unique visitors data in recent quarters, MOKO may have solved the problem of what other social media companies are facing or whether it’s too early to conclude.

MOKO Social Media investment:

As a social media, MOKO has taken a different approach, and its new business model has won the company a surge of unique monthly visitors. In less than half a year, the monthly unique visitors have surged by 60%. It can be seen how popular MOKO is.

At present, the company has just stepped out of the downward channel since its IPO in July 2014, and is at the bottom of the consolidation stage. It is recommended to pay attention!

MOKO official website:

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