Auto insurance company: Safety Insurance Group (SAFT) (1979)

Safety Insurance Group Inc. (NASDAQ: SAFT) was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, with 622 full-time employees. Through its subsidiaries, it provides insurance services for private passenger cars in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. .

Safety Insurance Group Logo

Safety Insurance Group (SAFT):

Safety Insurance Group provides private passenger car insurance policy customers with protection for bodily injury and property damage to others, and provides no-fault personal injury insurance for the insured/insurant’s passengers in the car, and is insured due to collisions and other natural disasters Person-owned vehicles provide body damage insurance items.

Safety Insurance Group also provides commercial vehicle insurance policies to protect commercial vehicles for corporate purposes, including private passenger-type vehicles, trucks, tractors and house trailers, insured personal vehicles and commercial fleets, as well as homeowners’ insurance policies to provide protection to houses and households For apartments with independent property rights and general apartments that cause financial losses to the house and the house due to various natural disasters, liability insurance for accidents due to the owner or residents.

In addition, Safety Insurance Group also provides business owner insurance policies, covering apartments and apartments with independent property rights, restaurants with restricted cooking, offices in apartments with independent property rights, processing and service companies, special trade contractors, Wholesale business.

In addition, Safety Insurance Group also provides commercial package insurance policies that provide any combination of corporate property, general accident liability, crime and inland transportation insurance for companies, and personal umbrella policies provide personal excess accident liability insurance that exceeds and exceeds the limit. , The policy covers personal cars, water vehicles and homeowners, commercial umbrella policies for customers, and residential fire insurance for non-homeowners.

In addition, the company also provides inland transportation insurance to homeowners and business owners, and water transportation insurance to small and medium-sized yachts.

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