Auto parts manufacturer: WABCO Holdings (WBC) (1869)

WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE: WBC) was founded in 1869 and is headquartered in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania, USA, with 14,631 full-time employees. It is a world-leading supplier of electronic braking, stability and suspension control systems for heavy commercial vehicles.

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WABCO Holdings (WBC):

WABCO was founded in 1869 and was called “Westinghouse Air Brake Company” (Westinghouse Air Brake Company, or Westinghouse Air Brake Company). The company was acquired by American Standards Corporation (American Standard) in 1968. In 2007, it separated from the American Standard and went public independently. After separating from the American Standard, WABCO became an American company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, stock code: WBC, another company separated from Westinghouse Air Brake Company, is the current train manufacturer- Westinghouse Brake Wabtec Corporation (WAB) . Wabco WABCO was originally a manufacturer of auto parts, while Westinghouse Brake Wabtec is a manufacturer of trains and train parts and systems. WABCO and Westinghouse Brake are two independently operated subsidiaries under a parent company.

WABCO provides electronic brakes, stability devices, suspension and transmission control systems for heavy commercial vehicles. The company’s products are also widely seen in luxury sports SUVs. Customers include the world’s leading commercial vehicles, trailers, Bus and passenger car manufacturers have 12 factories in nine countries around the world.

wabcoWABCO is the industry’s largest supplier of brake systems. Whether it is Dongfeng or Jiefang’s brake systems in China, it is the imported wabco technology. WABCO Group is a subsidiary of American Standard Companies Inc. (NYSE: ASD, corporal), founded in 1869. WABCO automotive control system occupies a leading position in the global commercial vehicle electronic braking system, stability control, suspension system control and transmission control system. Relying on solid and extensive customer relationships and leading expertise, WABCO is also a leader in road safety improvement. The developed products help drivers avoid accidents by improving the sensitivity and stability of the system. All over the world, the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers choose WABCO’s systems and parts to make their trucks, trailers, buses, luxury cars and sports cars perform better, drive safer and more reliable. WABCO’s main products include ABS, EBS, ECAS, APU and conventional brake valves. The product agent of WABCO in Germany. WABCO’s automotive control products mainly include: air handling systems, truck and bus brake systems, transmission control systems, electronic control systems, brakes and brake chambers, trailer control systems, commercial vehicle air Suspension and car system.

As of February 2017, Buffett ‘s Berkshire Hathaway Company holds WABCO Holdings shares worth more than 388 million US dollars.

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