Automobile manufacturer: Suzuki Motor Corporation (SZKMY)

Suzuki Motor Corporation (OTC PINK: SZKMY, TYO: 7269) was founded in 1909 and is headquartered in Hamamatsu, Japan. It has 65,179 full-time employees, ranking second only to Toyota and Honda in Japan . , Nissan ‘s fourth-largest automaker, ahead of Mazda ranked fifth and Mitsubishi Motors afterwards , has the largest market share in the Japanese light vehicle market .


Suzuki Motor Corporation (SZKMY):

Suzuki Motor Company produces and sells automobiles, motorcycles, ships and power products in Japan, Europe, other parts of Asia and internationally.

Japan Suzuki Motor provides all-terrain vehicles, mini-vehicles, small vehicles, standard-size vehicles, outboard engines, snowmobile engines, electric high-end vehicles and RVs, as well as electric wheelchairs, industrial equipment, etc.

Suzuki Motor Corporation (SZKMY) product:

The products that Suzuki is still producing include motorcycles, automobiles, and all-terrain vehicles.

1. Car


The auto products currently represented by Jinling Motors include:

  • Swift 1.0T
  • Jimny 1.3
  • Super CARRY 1.6
  • SX4 Crossover 1.4T
  • VITARA (1.6/1.4T) and VITARA S 1.4T (AllGrip)
  • Baleno 1.0T
  • Ignis 1.2

2. Motorcycle


The Scooter products that Tailing currently sells mainly include:

  • Swish-124c.c.
  • GSR-124c.c.
  • NEX-124c.c.
  • Address V125G-124c.c.
  • Music 125-124c.c.
  • Address V125SS-124cc
  • Address 110
  • Burgman 400
  • Burgman 650


  • Boulevard S40(LS650 Savage)
  • Boulevard M50
  • Boulevard M90R(Intruder M1500R)
  • Boulevard M109R(Intruder M1800R)


  • GSX-S150
  • TU250
  • Inazuma 250
  • GSF650
  • GSF1250
  • GSR400
  • GSR600
  • GSR750
  • GSX-S750
  • GSX-S1000
  • GSX-S1000F
  • B-KING
  • SFV650 Gladius
  • SV650

5. Sports cars (sports motorcycles)

  • GSX R150
  • GSX R600
  • GSX R750
  • GSX R1000
  • GSX 1300R

6. Motocross

  • RV 125 VanVan
  • DR200SE
  • DR Z400
  • DR650
  • V-Strom 650
  • V-Strom 1000

Suzuki Motor Corporation (SZKMY) history:

In Japan, Suzuki is the fourth largest car manufacturer in Japan, and Suzuki’s automotive product line is mainly composed of small cars and small and medium-sized off-road vehicles called “K-Car” in Japan. Famous. In the international market, Suzuki Motors is the world’s third-largest locomotive manufacturer (locomotives = motorcycles) , and Suzuki Motors is the car brand with the largest market share in emerging market countries such as India and Southeast Asia. It is also the American car giant General Motors Group. (GM) One of the previous corporate partners, it owns several cars and off-road vehicles, which are shared with the Chevrolet twin, one of GM’s brands.

According to the agreement on December 10, 2009, Suzuki Co., Ltd. will sell 108.95 million Suzuki shares to Volkswagen Group at a price of 2061 yen per share. In this way, the Volkswagen Group will acquire a 19.9% ​​stake in Suzuki Corporation. Due to the approval of the relevant authorities, the transaction is expected to be completed in January 2010. At that time, Suzuki Co., Ltd. will receive 222.48 billion yen (about 2.5 billion US dollars) in funding. Suzuki will also acquire approximately 2.5% of Flowserve for a maximum of 100 billion yen.

Then at the end of 2009, the German Volkswagen Group acquired a 19.9% ​​stake in Suzuki Motors and formed an alliance. It also became one of the brands of the Audi Volkswagen Group. Suzuki also assisted Volkswagen to improve its long-term poor sales in India and Southeast Asia. Obtained Suzuki Motor’s own TCT Technology patented technology for all-round car body safety structure and applied it to the Audi Flow Group’s brand vehicles, and the Audi Flow Group also assisted Suzuki with its own engine advantage technology to develop new-generation gasoline, diesel turbocharged engines and electric Instead of using the same engine system as the Audi Volkswagen Group, it’s a pity that the corporate cultures of the two auto groups quickly diverged. Suzuki Motors believes that Volkswagen Motors has parts that they don’t want to share. Technology, and believed that this seriously violated the cooperation agreement between the two parties, so Suzuki asked to cancel the cooperation in September 2011, but Volkswagen was unwilling to sell the shares, forcing Suzuki Motors to submit to the International Court of Arbitration in London in November 2011 Applying for an arbitration request to cancel the cooperative relationship between the two parties, the London International Court of Arbitration finally agreed that the cooperative relationship between the two automakers should end in May 2012, and Suzuki Motors wanted to buy back the shares of Suzuki Motors held by Volkswagen Motors. The total price of the shares The price is about 460 billion yen.

In North America, because Suzuki Motors mainly focuses on the operation of small cars, the increasingly stringent vehicle safety regulations in the U.S. market and the sharp appreciation of the yen have caused its U.S. subsidiary, American Suzuki Motor Corp, to suffer substantial losses. On November 6, 2012, Suzuki announced that its U.S. subsidiary would enter a state of bankruptcy protection and reorganization by applying Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Law. In addition to suspending auto sales in the United States for nearly 27 years, the original sales system’s contracted dealers It will also be transformed into a maintenance and parts sales and distribution network. After ending its automotive business, Suzuki will continue to operate motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and marine equipment businesses in the US market.

In Taiwan, Japan’s Suzuki Co., Ltd. and Tailong Group cooperated to establish Tailing Industry Co., Ltd. as an agent for the locomotive part. The main competitors are Yamaha, Sanyo and Gwangyang. . The car was originally sold as an agent by Prince Motors and sold locally, but due to the impact of the hollowing-out case of the related company Wantai Bank, the financial situation of Prince Motors deteriorated, and employees’ salaries and pensions were owed. Since 2011, sales in Taiwan have been changed to the agent of Jinling Motors invested by Suzuki of Japan.

Suzuki Motor’s investment in the Chinese market began in 1993 when Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. (50% of the shares), Japan Suzuki Co., Ltd. (40%), and Suzuki (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (10%) held shares. Established Changan Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd., and then in June 1995, and Jiangxi Changhe Automobile jointly invested in the establishment of Changhe Suzuki Automobile, becoming the first Sino-foreign joint venture in Jiangxi Province. However, after a quarter of a century of operation, Suzuki finally established itself in 2018. It was announced in June that it would completely withdraw from the Chinese market.

On September 5, 2018, Changan Automobile reached an agreement with Suzuki (Company) and Suzuki (China) Investment Co., Ltd. to acquire 40% equity and 10% equity of Changan Suzuki held by Suzuki (Company) and Suzuki China at a price of 1 yuan. % Equity, the announcement shows that on April 30, 2018, the book value of total assets of Changan Suzuki was approximately RMB 4.53 billion, the book value of total liabilities was approximately RMB 4.8 billion, and the book value of net assets was approximately negative RMB 270 million.

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