Automobile transportation company: Landstar System (LSTR) (1968)

Landstar System, Inc. (NASDAQ: LSTR) was founded in 1968 and is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. It has 1,306 full-time employees. It is a truck freight service company, together with its subsidiaries, providing in the United States and worldwide Comprehensive transportation management solutions.

Landstar System

Landstar System (LSTR):

Landstar System, Inc. is a transportation service company specializing in logistics, especially third-party logistics. Landstar mainly provides services throughout the United States. In addition, it also serves other regions in North America, including Canada and Mexico.

Laidi Landstar Systems is divided into two departments to operate: Transportation Logistics and Insurance.

1. Transportation Logistics ——Provide various transportation services, including truck and small truck (less-than-truckload) transportation, rail combined transportation, air transportation, sea transportation, fast ground and air transportation of time-critical cargo, heavy load/professional, United States-Canada And the United States-border, project cargo and customs brokerage, as well as other transportation companies (including logistics and small truck service providers) to provide transportation services; through various sizes of dry and special vehicles, trackless/platform trailers, temperature-controlled vehicles and containers Provide truck services; provide rail multimodal transport services through contracts with domestic and Canadian railways; provide air freight and ocean transport services through contracts with domestic and international airlines and ocean routes. This department serves the automotive products, construction products, metals, chemicals, food, heavy machinery, retail, electronics, ammunition and explosives, and military equipment industries.

2. Insurance ——Provide risk and claims management services, as well as reinsurance of certain risks of the company’s independent contractors.

In January 2014, Landstar sold its National Logistics Management (NLM) subsidiary to XPO Logistics for US$85 million.

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