Bank holding company: C&F Financial Corporation (CFFI) (1927 – )

C&F Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: CFFI) was founded in 1927 and is headquartered in West Point, Virginia. It has 643 full-time employees. It is the bank holding company of Citizens and Farmers Bank and provides banking services to individuals and businesses.

CF Financial Corporation

C&F Financial Corporation (CFFI):

C&F Finance Company is a leader in indirect lending, providing auto, maritime and RV (recreational vehicles, RVs, etc.) loans in multiple states in the United States through its headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. After purchasing a retail installment sales contract from an approved distributor, C&F Finance provides customers with comprehensive loan services during the contract period.

Since C&F Finance Company acquired Moore Loans (founded in 1952) in Richmond in 2002, it has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Citizens and Farmers Bank. The company is in Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, North Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, Texas, Illinois, Florida Provide services to dealers and customers in states, New Jersey, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas, Colorado and Pennsylvania.

C&F Finance Company is divided into 4 departments to operate: Retail Banking (Retail Banking), Mortgage Banking (Mortgage Banking), Consumer Finance (Consumer Finance) and other departments (Other).

The Retail Banking department of C&F Finance Company provides various banking services, including checking and savings deposit accounts, as well as commercial, real estate, development, mortgage, home equity and installment loans; the department also provides debit and credit cards; As well as safe deposit boxes, notaries, electronic transfers, ATM, Internet and mobile banking, and other regular banking services. The division has its headquarters in West Point, Virginia, and locations in Cartersville, Charlottesville, Chester, Cumberland, Fredericksburg, Hampton, Mechanicsville, Montross, Newport News, Norge, Powhatan, Providence Forge, Quinton, Saluda, Sandston, Virginia. , Warsaw, West Point, Yorktown, King George, Williamsburg, Midlothian and Richmond 29 branches provide services.

Mortgage Banking of C&F Finance Company provides various home mortgage loans; grants regular mortgages, mortgages guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration and mortgages guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Veterans Administration; and Auxiliary mortgage origination service for housing evaluation, and various mortgage origination functions provided to third parties. The department provides mortgage origination services through 12 offices in Virginia, 2 offices in Maryland, 2 offices in North Carolina, and offices in South Carolina and West Virginia.

The Consumer Finance division of C&F Finance Company provides auto loans through its offices in Richmond and Hampton, Virginia.

The other department of Consumer Finance (Other) provides brokerage and wealth management services.

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