Bank holding company: Meta Financial Group (CASH) (1954)

Meta Financial Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: CASH) was founded in 1954 and is headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA. It has 672 full-time employees. It is a bank holding company. Kota, Tennessee, California and Texas provide various banking services for commercial, agricultural and retail businesses, including deposits, loans, and other financial products and services.

Meta Financial Group

Meta Financial Group (CASH):

Meta Financial Group, Inc.’s business is mainly carried out through MetaBank. Here we mainly introduce MetaBank.

MetaBank is a member of the Federal Savings Bank and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. It is mainly divided into 4 business departments:

  1. MetaBank , its traditional retail banking division-MetaBank is a retail banking division that operates 10 retail branches in four market areas: Central Iowa; Storm Lake, Iowa; Brookings, Dakota; and South Dakota Sioux falls. MetaBank provides traditional banking services designed to meet the needs of individual, agricultural and commercial depositors and borrowers.
  2. Meta Payment Systems , its electronic payment department-MPS is a recognized leader in the prepaid card industry and cooperates with market-leading partners to provide national innovative payment solutions; MPS focuses on providing specific product solutions in the following areas : Prepaid cards, credit products, electronic funds transfer and ATM sponsorship.
  3. AFS / IBEX , its insurance premium financing department-provides short-term, mortgage financing to purchase insurance for commercial property, casualties and liability risks. AFS/IBEX is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and initiates loans through a network of independent insurance institutions.
  4. Refund Advantage , its tax refund transfer software department-headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, provides tax refund transfer software for Electronic Return Originators (EROs) and their customers. Their software is used in more than 10,000 locations across the country and processes more than 1 million refunds each year.

Meta Financial Group (CASH) history:

  • In 1954, Stanly H. Haahr and 34 investors founded the Storm Lake Savings and Loan Association, the predecessor of Mita Financial;
  • In 1957, it became the Federal Bank and the company changed its name to First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Storm Lake;
  • In 1970, the assets of Bradford Hotel were purchased;
  • In 1993, First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Storm Lake was renamed First Federal Savings Bank of the Midwest, a subsidiary of First Midwest Financial, Inc.;
  • On September 20, 1993, First Midwest Financial, Inc. IPO issued 1.9 million shares with an issue price of 10 US dollars, stock code: CASH;
  • In 1994, it acquired Brookings Federal Bank and operated it as the Brookings Federal Bank of First Federal Savings Bank of the Midwest;
  • In 1996, Iowa Savings Bank was acquired and operated as a division of First Federal Savings Bank of the Midwest;
  • In 2004, Meta Payment Systems (MPS) was established;
  • In 2005, all banking departments were renamed MetaBank from the former First Federal;
  • In 2014, MetaBank acquired AFS/IBEX Financial Services Inc.;
  • In 2015, the AFS/IBEX division was selected as the exclusive insurance finance company by Independent Insurance Agents of Texas (IIAT);
  • In 2015, MetaBank acquired Refund Advantage.
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