Bank shares: Xenith Bankshares (XBKS)-formerly Hampton Bank (1961)

Xenith Bankshares, Inc. (NASDAQ:XBKS) was founded in 1961, formerly known as Hampton Roads Bankshares Inc. (Hampton Roads Bankshares Inc., formerly NASDAQ:HMPR). Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, USA, with 506 full-time employees, it is a regional bank holding The company was established on July 29, 2016 by the former Hampton Roads Bankshares, Inc. (“HRB”) (Nasdaq:HMPR) and (“BOHR”), and Xenith Bankshares, Inc. (“XBKS”) (Nasdaq:XBKS) After the merger, through the holding banks Bank of Hampton Roads, Shore Bank and Xenith Bank, it provides community and commercial banking services for individuals and small and medium enterprises in Virginia, North Carolina, Delaware, and Maryland.

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Xenith Bankshares, Inc. (XBKS):

Xenith Bankshares, Inc. (XBKS) mainly provides community and commercial banking services through its subsidiaries Bank of Hampton Roads, Shore Bank and Xenith Bank, serving small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals. Hampton Bank’s products and services include :

  1. Deposit services : interest-bearing and non-interest-bearing deposit accounts, including: commercial and retail checking accounts, transferable withdrawal slip accounts, savings accounts and personal retirement accounts, and deposit slips.
  2. Loan services : provide commercial and industrial loans to enterprises; construction loans to individuals and enterprises, as single-family residential and multi-family properties and construction of commercial projects, as well as the development of residential areas and commercial office parks; commercial mortgage loans for owners Purchase and refinancing of commercial properties for non-owner use; residential mortgage loans; and provide installment loans to meet the needs of individuals, families and ordinary families.
  3. Provide securities brokerage and investment consulting services .
  4. Insurance services .
  5. Provide telephone, internet and mobile banking services .
  6. Other services : Provide professional products and services related to other banks, such as traveler’s checks, coin counters, wire transfers, online banking and safe deposit services; cash management products, including remote deposits; provide payment processing solutions for retail and other industries Plan; sell mortgage loans to the secondary market; and provide commercial customers with letter of credit and guarantee letter of credit business.

On July 29, 2016, The Bank of Hampton Roads (“BOHR”) holding company Hampton Roads Bankshares, Inc. (formerly Nasdaq: HMPR) announced the merger with Xenith Bank holding company Xenith Bankshares, Inc. (Nasdaq: XBKS), XBKS Bankshares merged into Hampton Roads Bankshares, and Xenith Bank merged into BOHR. The merged company takes the name of Xenith Bankshares, Inc. and uses its stock code to continue trading on the Nasdaq.

As of September 30, 2016, Xenith Bankshares operated approximately 42 full-service branches and 5 loan origination offices.

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