Banking shares: First Capital (FCAP) (1891)

First Capital Inc. (NASDAQ: FCAP) was founded in 1891 and is headquartered in Corydon, Indiana, with 167 full-time employees. It is a federally chartered savings bank that operates as a bank holding company and is an individual through holding First Harrison Bank. And companies provide a variety of banking products and services. (PS: This article is the first capital of the company “First Capital Inc.”, instead of the previous bank shares introduced Capital One “Capital One Financial Corporation”, the English name there are significant differences, Chinese name easy to confuse O (∩ _∩)O haha~)

First Capital Logo

First Capital (FCAP):

First Capital, Inc. provides various banking services to individual and corporate clients mainly in Harrison, Freud, Clark and Washington counties of Indiana. First Capital’s products and services include:

  • Deposit products , including interest-free checking accounts, negotiable withdrawal slip accounts, money market accounts, term savings accounts, certificates of deposit, and retirement savings plans.
  • Loan products : real estate mortgage loans; fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgage residential loans; construction loans for residential and commercial properties; commercial real estate loans; and commercial enterprise loans.
  • In addition, First Capital sells initial mortgage loans and sells non-deposit investment products in the secondary market; and provides various guaranteed or guaranteed consumer loans, including car and truck loans, home equity loans, home improvement loans, boat loans, and mobile home loans , And loans secured by savings deposits, and unsecured consumer loans.

Capital One primarily provides products and services through 12 locations in southern Indiana.

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