Banking stocks: Arrow Financial Corporation (AROW) (1851)

Arrow Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: AROW) was founded in 1851 and is headquartered in Glens Falls, New York, USA, with 511 full-time employees. It is a bank holding company that controls Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Company and Saratoga National Bank and Trust Company , Providing commercial and consumer banking services and financial products.

Arrow Financial Corporation Logo

Arrow Financial Corporation (AROW):

Wrigley Financial provides various commercial and consumer banking services through its holding banks, including:

  1. Various deposit products : demand deposits, NOW accounts, deposits, time deposits, money market deposits.
  2. Loan products : mainly commercial and industrial loans for small and medium-sized companies; mortgage loans for residential and commercial properties, consumer installment and housing stock financing; there is also an indirect loan program supported by car dealers, and at the same time, companies buy cars Commercial promissory note; sell residential real estate loans to the secondary market.
  3. Provide retirement plans, trusts, personal real estate management services, retirement funds, benefit sharing, and company employee benefit plan management.
  4. Insurance brokerage business : specializes in selling and providing services to group health care policies, life insurance, property, accidents, sports accidents and health insurance brokers.
  5. Investment consulting : Provide investment advice to private equity mutual funds, provide administrative services and real estate investment trusts.

Arrow Financial Corporation mainly operates in the Northeast District of New York State, such as Warren, Washington, Saratoga, Essex, Clinton and other counties and surrounding areas. As of March 31, 2016, Arrow Financial Corporation has 29 branches, 9 leased offices, There are 2 loan issuing offices and 8 insurance business offices (6 of which are leased and 2 are self-owned offices).

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