Bar restaurant interactive entertainment and catering technology provider: NTN Buzztime (NTN)

NTN Buzztime, Inc. (AMEX: NTN) was founded in 1983, formerly known as Alroy Industries, renamed NTN Communications, Inc. in 1985, and then changed to its current name in 2005, headquartered in Carlsbad, California, with 104 full-time employees Ren, is a company that provides interactive entertainment and catering technology for bars and restaurants in the United States and Canada.

NTN Buzztime Logo

NTN Buzztime (NTN):

NTN Buzztime is a company that provides interactive entertainment on many different platforms. Its most well-known product, called Buzztime, was formerly known as NTN Network. Since 1985, it has provided more than 2,700 bars and restaurants in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean (mainly including Buffalo Wild Wings and Damon’s Grill) through national networks and broadband. Chain) play trivia and other games. The company’s operations in the UK ceased in 2008.

NTN Buzztime’s main product and service is the Buzztime Entertainment On Demand (BEOND) platform. The company also leases equipment to certain network users, including tablets used in its BEOND tablet platform, as well as tablet casings and charging trays.

In addition, NTN Buzztime also licenses its content to customers for installation on devices obtained from other parties.

NTN Buzztime’s interactive entertainment system provides quizzes, cards, sports and single-player games, national competitions and self-service functions, including dynamic menus, touch screen ordering and secure payments.

NTN Buzztime has multiple trademarks, including: Buzztime, Playmaker, Mobile Playmaker and BEYOND Powered.

As of December 31, 2017, NTN Buzztime, Inc. provided services to 2,730 venues through its interactive entertainment network.

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