Blank Check Company: GigCapital2, Inc. (GIX) (2019)

GigCapital2, Inc. (NYSE: GIX) was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. It is a blank check company (Shell Resources). The company has no specific business and focuses on one or more businesses. Mergers, capital securities transactions, asset acquisitions, stock purchases, reorganizations or similar business combinations, the company plans to focus on companies in the technology, media and telecommunications industries.


GigCapital2, Inc. (GIX):

The acquisition or merger target of GigCapital2 is an outstanding late-stage private company with an enterprise value of more than US$500 million in the fields of technology, media and communications, and with the potential to grow into a global leader in its market. GigCapital2 is particularly interested in innovation and innovative thinking in technology, products, strategies and tactics, business models and transactions.

GigCapital2 carefully organizes the transition to the public market, has a good financial foundation, and guides each company to a listed unicorn based on the unique needs of each company.

GigCapital2, Inc. (GIX) investment:

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