Blank Check Company: Vesper Healthcare Acquisition Corp. (VSPRU) (2020)

Vesper Healthcare Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: VSPRU) was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida. It is a company owned by Brenton San, the former CEO of Allergan plc (the company is best known for its wrinkle-removing product Botox). A new blank cheque company led by Brenton L. Saunders. It can be seen from the prospectus that the company intends to focus on the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, with emphasis on companies in the medical aesthetics, eye care, longevity and health categories.

“Our management team is led by Brenton L. Saunders, who served as chairman, president and chief executive officer of Allergan plc until the company was acquired by AbbVie in May 2020 ; Dr. Manisha Narasimhan served as Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning, Portfolio Innovation and Investor Relations at Allergan from August 2019 to May 2020.”

Mr. Saunders will serve as the chairman, president and chief executive officer of Vesper Healthcare Acquisition Corp., and Dr. Narasimhan will serve as CFO.

Vesper Healthcare Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: VSPRU) plans to list on NASDAQ on 9/30/2020 IPO, issue price of US$10, issue 40 million shares, raise US$400 million, and underwrite by Goldman Sachs/JPMorgan.

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