Brazil’s third largest mobile communications company: Tim Participações (TSU) (1998)

TIM Participações SA (NYSE: TSU) was founded in 1998, formerly known as Tele Celular Sul Participações SA, changed to its current name in August 2004, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with 9,540 full-time employees (2019) , Is the third largest mobile communications company in Brazil and a subsidiary of Tim Brasil Serviços e Participações SA.

TIM ParticipaC3A7C3B5es S.A. Logo

Tim Communication Services TIM Participações (TSU):

Tim Communication Services is a holding company that provides wireless mobile and telecommunications services in Brazil, as well as local and regional private, public, and industrial telephone services, and operates headset sales, data transmission, video messaging, and telecommunications transmission And network transmission and other services.

Tim Communication Services provides mobile voice and data, broadband Internet access, value-added and other telecommunication services and products.

Tim Communication Services provides prepaid and postpaid services; mobile or fixed services and enterprise solutions for mobile to mobile services; value-added services; financial and other services; digital channels; and customer services.

Tim Communication Services also provides landline telephone services, domestic long distance and international long distance voice services, personal mobile services and multimedia communication services.

In addition, Tim Communication Services also sells various mobile phones and accessories through its dealer network, including its own stores, exclusive franchise rights and authorized dealers, and provides billing services to other telecom service providers.

As of December 31, 2015, TIM Participações had 66.2 million users and approximately 13,100 sales points, including 182 company-owned franchise stores. In addition, Tim Communication Services also operated approximately 328,000 recharge stations.

As of December 31, 2018, Tim Communication Services has served 55.9 million customers; it has approximately 12,200 sales points, including 156 company-managed stores; and approximately 310,000 sales points, available through supermarkets and newsstands Use prepaid phone services with other small retailers.

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