Breast cancer diagnosis, testing and treatment company: Atossa Genetics (ATOS) (2009)

American biotechnology company Atossa Genetics (NASDAQ:ATOS) was established in 2009 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It has 4 full-time employees. It is a healthcare company that focuses on breast cancer genetic diagnosis, testing, treatment and medical device development.

AtossaGenetics Logo

Atossa Genetics (ATOS):

Atossa Genetics operates nipple aspirate fluid (NAF) cytology and drug testing. Its main business is diagnostic testing and treatment of breast cancer. It has a patent for the treatment of breast cancer. It carried out clinical research in 2012 and provided two products in December 2011. Diagnostic test for breast cancer. Its medical equipment includes ForeCYTE breast suction and FullCYTE breast saliva suction.

Atossa Genetics (ATOS) investment:

There are many companies in the market that do cancer detection, especially breast cancer detection and treatment, such as Genetic Technologies , Wanji Genetics , Invitae , Aduro BioTech, etc., and there are also large companies such as JUNO , KITE , BLUE, etc. A common feature of pharmaceutical companies is that once a product succeeds, it will bring unpredictable highs to the company’s performance. This is why the market continues to pay attention to many such companies that do not even have a dime in revenue. In general, this site only talks about the company’s business and fundamentals, and does not analyze it from the technical side. You can invest according to your own knowledge and the characteristics of the company.

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