Building materials distributor: Bluelinx Holdings (BXC) (2004)

Bluelinx Holdings Inc. (NYSE: BXC) was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It has 1,700 full-time employees and is a building materials distributor. Its main products are plywood, OSB board, wood, etc. .

Bluelinx Holdings BXC Logo

Bluelinx Holdings (BXC):

BlueLinx Holdings is engaged in the distribution business of construction products (building materials) in the United States. The company’s structural products include plywood, oriented fiberboard (OSB), wood and other wood products used to support structures. Brooks Holdings’ special products include roofing, insulation, decorative wire, composite solid wood, vinyl products and metal products.

Brooklynx Holdings was established by Cerberus Capital Management, LP in May 2004 when it acquired the building materials division of Georgia-Pacific Corporation, which was established in 1954. In 2005, Bluelinx IPO landed on the New York Stock Exchange and once became the largest in the United States. Building materials distributor.

Brooks distributes more than 10,000 products (70,000 single products), has 750 suppliers, 49 distribution centers, and 11,500 customers, including: dealers, industrial manufacturers, manufacturers of homes and home improvement retailers.

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