Building materials manufacturing and distribution company: US Asbestos USG Corporation (USG)-delisting (1901)

USG Corporation (NYSE:USG) was founded in 1901 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. It has 8,900 full-time employees. It is a construction material manufacturing and distribution company. Its products are used in residential, non-residential, Building materials for building maintenance and modification. Berkshire Hathaway and its subsidiaries own 31% of USG.


In June 2018, USG signed an agreement and agreed to be acquired by German construction materials company Knauf. The transaction was completed in April 2019.

USG Corporation Logo

US Asbestos USG Corporation (USG):

USG Corporation is mainly divided into 4 divisions to operate: gypsum (Gypsum segment), ceiling (Ceilings segment), distribution (Distribution segment), and construction products (USG Boral Building Products segment).

1. USG Gypsum Department : Provide plaster and related products used to construct walls, ceilings, roofs, residential and commercial floors, and various other industrial applications; SHEETROCK brand gypsum boards and adhesives; DUROCK brand cement boards; FIBEROCK Brand gypsum fiber panels; various gypsum boards of the SECUROCK brand; LEVELROCK brand inverted gypsum cushion; RED TOP, IMPERIAL, DIAMOND, SUPREMO brand gypsum products; gypsum-based agricultural and industrial applications, including soil conditioning, road maintenance, and fire protection And ceramics.

2. USG Ceiling Department : Provides RADAR, ECLIPSE, MARS, HALCYON brand ceilings; DONN, DX, FINELINE, CENTRICITEE, DXI IDENTITEE, CURVATURA and COMPASSO brand ceiling grids.

3. USG distribution department : As a distributor of gypsum wallboard and other building materials, it distributes products from other manufacturers, including: gypsum board metal, insulation, roofing, fasteners and exterior wall insulation finishing system products.

4. USG building products department : manufacturing, distribution and sales of various building materials; mining of raw gypsum minerals; sales of natural and synthetic gypsum. Product brands include: USG Boral Sheetrock, USG Boral NextGen, Elephant, Jayaboard, Durock, Donn DX, etc.

History of US Asbestos USG Corporation (USG):

  • On December 27, 1901, 30 gypsum companies merged to form United States Gypsum Company, the predecessor of USG Corporation;
  • In 1909, USG acquired the Sackett Plaster Board Company, the invention company of the Sackett Board;
  • In 1917, Adamant Panel Board was invented, which is known as SHEETROCK;
  • From the 1950s to the 1960s, USG began to enter Mexico and other international markets;
  • On January 1, 1985, the company was reorganized to form the holding company USG Corporation, and United States Gypsum Company became one of 9 subsidiaries;
  • In 2001, American asbestos entered the bankruptcy protection procedure;
  • In 2006, USG went out of bankruptcy protection;
  • In the first quarter of 2013, asbestos in the United States resumed profitability;
  • On June 11, 2018, German building materials company Knauf announced the acquisition of USG for approximately US$7 billion.

Major subsidiaries of US Asbestos USG Corporation (USG):

  • United States Gypsum Company
  • USG Interiors, LLC
  • Otsego Paper, Inc
  • L&W Supply Corporation
  • USG Foreign Investments, Ltd
  • CGC Inc.
  • USG Latin America, LLC
  • USG Holding de Mexico SA de CV
  • USG Mexico SA de CV

US Asbestos USG Corporation (USG) investment:

Delisted due to acquisition!

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