Canadian composite board and wood building materials supplier: Norbord Inc. (OSB)

Norbord Inc. (NYSE:OSB, TSX:OSB) was founded in 1978, formerly known as Nexfor Inc., changed to its current name in July 2004, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with 2,700 full-time employees, is a company mainly in North America and European companies that produce and sell wood-based panels for retail chains, construction contractors and industrial manufacturers.

Norbord Inc

Norbord Inc. (OSB):

Norbord Inc. is a manufacturer of wood-based panels and the world’s largest manufacturer of Oriented Strand Board (OSB). In addition to OSB, Norbord also produces particleboard, medium density fiberboard (MDF) and related value-added products.

Norbord has approximately $1.7 billion in assets and approximately 2,700 employees in 17 factories in the United States, Canada and Europe. Norbord operates 13 OSB factories, 1 MDF (medium density fiberboard) factory, 2 chipboard (particle board) factories and 1 furniture factory. Its OSB plants in the United States are located in Minnesota, Georgia (line 2), Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina and Texas. In Canada, there are two factories in Alberta, one in British Columbia, one in Ontario, and two in Quebec. In Europe, factories are located in South Moulton, England and Inverness (line 2) and Cowie (line 2) in Genk, Belgium, Scotland. The MDF production line is located in Cowie, Scotland. Its particleboard production lines are located in Cowie, Scotland and South Moulton, UK. Norbord’s furniture factory is located in South Malton, England. Both Inverness’s two production lines and the Genk production line produce OSB. In 2016, Norbord announced the expansion of its Inverness plant, adding 55 million continuous OSB production lines, and expanding production capacity to 750.000 cubic meters per year.

Norbord is a publicly traded company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “OSB”.

Norbord provides oriented strand board for sheathing, flooring and roofing in home construction applications; particle board for flooring and other construction applications; medium density fiberboard for cabinet doors, moldings and interior wall paneling applications, and Value-added products related to the construction of new houses and the renovation and repair of existing structures.

Norbord sells its products under the brands Durastrand pointSIX, Pinnacle, Stabledge, TruFlor pointSIX and TruFlor, SteadiTred, QuakeZone, Tallwall, TruDeck and Windstorm, SolarBord, TruDeck, StableDec, SterlingOSB, Caberwood MDF, Conti and Caberboard.

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