Canadian enterprise application software company: Open Text Corporation (OTEX) (1991)

Open Text Corporation (NASDAQ: OTEX) was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Waterloo, Canada. It has 14,400 full-time employees. It is an enterprise application software company engaged in the development and sales of enterprise information management (EIM) software, assisting companies in finding, using, And share business information from different devices.

Open Text Corporation OTEX Logo

Open Text Corporation (OTEX):

OpenText is Canada’s largest software company (2014), and it is also the 2016 TOP 100 employer in Canada selected by Mediacorp Canada Inc.. OpenText provides software applications that can manage content and unstructured data for large enterprises, government agencies, and professional service companies. It is a leading enterprise content management (ECM) company that combines the personnel, processes and information of global organizations to help companies transform information Lay the foundation for knowledge, innovation and corporate growth.

RedDot was founded in 1993 as a business unit of OpenText Corporation, which the company calls Web Solutions Group. The software can help you manage content to comply with regulatory requirements and industry-specific requirements. Its core product RedDot CMS is a Windows-based server application that provides Web content management in a multi-user environment. As a supplement to CMS or as an independent product, LiveServer aggregates different document resources and uses them as Web pages.

Captiva Software became a subsidiary of OpenText in 2017. It produces software for document information processing and data capture from paper and electronic documents, and provides related services. The extracted content and file information are obtained in the Captiva solution, and then delivered to the document management system for storage or workflow, such as information from Documentum, Open Text, Microsoft or IBM. In 2019, Captiva was renamed OpenText Intelligent Capture.

Open Text Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SAP AG , Microsoft Corporation , and Oracle Corporation .

Open Text Corporation (OTEX) History:

  • OpenText was established in 1991 as an information company with only 4 people. It was spun off from a research project at the University of Waterloo.
  • In July 2020, OpenText cooperated with NINJIO.

Open Text Corporation (OTEX) acquires Baike:

2020 year

  • Acquired Xmedius for USD 75 million

2019 year

  • Acquired Carbonite Inc. for USD 1.42 billion, including the latter’s Webroot and Mozy, and became part of Enterprise Information Management


  • Acquired Liaison Technologies for USD 310 million and became part of the OpenText ALLOY® Platform


  • On September 14, it acquired the world’s largest forensic software provider- Guidance Software, Inc. for 240 million US dollars .
  • Acquired Covisint for USD 103 million and merged it into OpenText Business Network
  • Acquired Catalyst Repository Systems Inc.


  • Daegis
  • On September 12, the ECD division of Dell EMC was acquired for 1.2 billion US dollars .


  • Actuate Corporation
  • Informative Graphics Corporation

Year 2014

  • Acquired GXS Inc. and became part of OpenText Business Network

year 2013

  • Cordys
  • ICCM


  • Easylink

year 2011

  • MESSAGEmanager Solutions
  • Metastorm
  • weComm
  • Global360
  • Operitel

year 2010

  • Nstein technologies
  • StreamServe Inc

Year 2009

  • Vizible Corporation
  • Vignette Corporation

Year 2008

  • eMotion LLC
  • Spicer Corporation
  • Captaris

year 2006

  • Hummingbird Ltd


  • Optura

year 2004

  • IXOS
  • Artesia

Year 2003

  • Opencola
  • Eloquent
  • Corechange

year 2002

  • Centrinity


  • Bluebird

Before 2000

  • Microstar Software
  • PS Software Solutions
  • Information Dimensions
  • Lava Systems
  • OnTime
  • NIRV
  • Odesta
  • Intunix
  • thinktank technologies
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