Canadian Gold Mining Company: Yamana Gold (AUY) (1980)

Yamana Gold, Inc. (NYSE:AUY) was founded in 1980, formerly known as Yamana Resources Inc., changed to its current name in July 2003, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with 9,300 full-time employees, and is Canadian Leading gold mining company.

Yamana Gold Inc AUY Logo

Yamana Gold (AUY):

Yamana Gold Inc. is mainly engaged in gold mining, exploration, processing, recycling and other businesses. It owns precious metal projects and land areas in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and other countries. It includes 7 gold mine projects, namely the Chapada copper and gold mine project, The El Peno gold and silver mine project, the Jacobina and Gualcamayo and Minera Florida gold and silver mine projects, the Fazenda Brasileiro and Mercedes gold and silver mine projects, and the Alumbrera mineral project (copper, gold, molybdenum) which also holds a 12.5% ​​interest.

In addition, Yamana Gold has a number of mineral projects in the development and exploration stages in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Mexico.

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