Cell analysis company: Celcuity Inc. (CELC) (2012)

Celcuity Inc. (NASDAQ: CELC) was founded in 2012 by Brian Sullivan and Lance Laing, Ph.D., formerly known as Celcuity LLC, was changed from a Minnesota limited liability company to a Delaware state on September 15, 2017 The company, also renamed Celcuity Inc., is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, with 22 full-time employees (9/30/2019). It is a biotechnology company specializing in next-generation cell analysis.

Celcuity Logo

Celcuity Inc. (CELC):

Celcuity Inc. is an early-stage biotechnology company supported by venture capital in the United States. It mainly develops functional analysis and detection products for diseased cells. The company’s mission is to transform the care of cancer patients by providing the most biologically complete diagnosis.

Celcuity has developed the CELx Pathway Profile technology, which combines the progress of primary tissue research and the method of measuring the functional pathway effect of targeted therapy on living and diseased cells.

Celcuity provides a functional cell analysis platform that can evaluate the function of disease-related signal pathways of diseased cells in patients in vitro, and determine whether drug treatment has an impact on patient cells.

In addition, Celcuity’s CELx test is mainly to determine whether the route can be used for interventional therapy, without considering the exact mechanism by which the patient’s tumor may develop resistance to the therapeutic effect.

Celcuity’s diagnostic methods help identify subtypes of cancer.

Celcuity Inc. (CELC) investment:

Celcuity Inc. (NASDAQ: CELC) listed on Nasdaq on 9/20/2017 IPO, with an issue price of $9.50, issuing 2.4 million shares, raising USD 22.8 million, stock code: CELC.

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