Chain restaurant operator: Muscle Maker, Inc. (GRIL) (1995 – )

Muscle Maker, Inc. (NASDAQ: GRIL) was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Burleson, Texas. It owns, operates and franchises the Muscle Maker Grill and Healthy Joe’s restaurant under the name Muscle Maker Grill.

Muscle Maker

Muscle Maker, Inc. (GRIL):

Muscle Maker Grill (MMG) provides guests with healthier, mainstream dishes that taste delicious, so that people can relax, afford and enjoy a healthy diet. Muscle Maker Grill’s menu is diverse and suitable for everyone-fitness enthusiasts, people who are starting a healthy lifestyle and people who try to eat on the go. Muscle Maker Grill’s menu offers “delicious food that keeps you physically and mentally healthy”. The menu items include grass-fed steak and natural chicken, as well as options to satisfy vegetarians, low-carb consumers and a variety of dietary preferences.

Muscle Maker Grill does not sacrifice taste to provide healthy options. Now, guests can taste delicious and balanced food. Muscle Maker Grill not only provides food, but also provides a friendly, relaxing and social environment where guests can taste delicious food and communicate with health lovers in the area.

As of December 31, 2019, Muscle Maker has 10 company-owned restaurants and 28 franchise restaurants in the United States and Kuwait.

Muscle Maker, Inc. (GRIL) investment:

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