ChargePoint Products ($SBE)

ChargePoint currently has a mobile application to search near charging stations and there are EV chargers to purchase online.

Note: Due diligence on $SBE is now available!

Currently, they sell hardware, recurring software and services. It breaks down into three categories

  • Commercial Products
  • Fleet Products
  • Residential Products

This user named “Cedarsurf” shared his review on $SBE vs Blink

“I’d like to add value to the bull #BLNK vs $SBE debate. As an owner of EVs for the past few years there is NO comparison! $BLNK’s product offerings are terrible. Most of their stations are old and don’t work. Chargepoint via $SBE however are popping up everywhere! Took my kid to Disneyland and there was what had to be a row of 100+. I see more everyday. Take it from a user….. Chargepoint is where its at!”


ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle Charger on Amazon

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