China Concept Stocks: Advantages Interactive You On Demand Holdings (YOD)-code update

Advantage Interactive YOU On Demand Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:YOD) was founded in 2004, formerly China Broadband, Inc., changed its current name in February 2011, headquartered in New York City, New York, USA, with 47 full-time employees , Is a leading mobile entertainment and video-on-demand content service platform in China, mainly providing domestic and foreign film and television video-on-demand content services and marketing services.

Update: Merit Interactive was renamed as You Visual in 2016, and then renamed to Seven Star Cloud Group (NASDAQ: SSC) in 2017 .

You On Demand Holdings YOD Logo

Advantages of interaction You On Demand Holdings (YOD):

You On Demand Holdings, through its subsidiaries, provides integrated value-added service solutions for on-demand video and premium content to digital TV operators, Internet TV providers, streaming media providers, and mobile services in Mainland China Industry. Advantage Interactive provides high-quality content in China through on-demand video subscription functions and transaction services, including Hollywood and Chinese-produced movies and children’s programs.

Advantage Interaction Through cooperation with Chinese mobile phone operators, manufacturers, cable TV, IPTV and Internet TV operators, Advantage Interaction provides high-quality video-on-demand content services for Chinese mobile phone and TV users. Advantages Interactively integrate the contents of many well-known film producers at home and abroad, and provide the latest and best high-quality film and television content and services to the majority of video viewers through various forms such as TVOD, SVOD, and FVOD.

In China, Merit Interactive has entered the households of more than 20 million cable TV users across the country. In addition, as a strategic partner of Huawei’s mobile phones, users of smartphones with “good movies” can watch Hollywood blockbusters anytime, anywhere.

Advantages Interactive You On Demand Holdings (YOD) investment:

Merit Interactive was renamed as You Visual in 2016, and then renamed to Seven Star Cloud Group (NASDAQ: SSC) in 2017 . Please move to the new company to view the latest information.

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