China Concept Stocks: IT information and solution service provider Huaqin Technology CLPS Inc. (CLPS)

Huaqin Technology CLPS Inc. (NASDAQ: CLPS) was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China. It has 1606 full-time employees (3/25/2018). It is a company that provides information technology and consulting services, mainly serving banks and insurance And the financial sector.


Huaqin Technology CLPS Inc. (CLPS):

As a global information technology consulting and solution service provider, Huaqin Technology focuses on providing services to Chinese and global banking, insurance and financial institutions. For more than ten years, Huaqin Technology has expanded its service network to customers in the global financial industry, including large financial institutions from the United States, Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong and their IT centers in mainland China. By providing efficient financial technology solutions to the market, Huaqin Technology builds its own unique advantages and uses talent creation and development to help customers achieve business development and innovation one after another.

Globally, Huaqin Technology has 11 branches, of which 7 are located in mainland China, providing convenient and high-quality services to different customers. Huaqin Technology combines on-site support consulting with scalable offshore services to quickly meet customer needs in a low-cost manner while retaining business flexibility.

CLPS Incorporation services include-Consulting Services (Consulting Services) :

1. Credit Card Services : Most credit card issuers in the world have branches and technical support infrastructure in China. The development, testing, support and maintenance of these platforms requires a deep understanding of the business processes supported by IT. There is a huge demand for such IT consulting services in large credit card platforms, because many such institutions have experienced shortages of talents and resources. CLPS provides more than ten years of IT consulting service experience in the credit card business field, including credit card applications, account settings, authorization and activation, settlement, collection, promotion, point system, anti-fraud, declaration, reporting and risk management. In the past few years, CLPS has successfully helped Chinese and global customers manage credit card IT systems, such as the credit card processing solution VisionPLUS. CLPS provides expertise in custom credit card tools and platforms to adapt to various business models.

2. Core Banking Services : CLPS is one of the largest global banking core banking service providers in China. Most global banks have established their own IT development centers and gradually expanded their business in China. These banks need a lot of core banking IT services. CLPS has more than 10 years of experience in providing the support and expertise required to implement their core banking systems (including business analysis, system design, development, testing services, system maintenance and global operation support) for leading banks worldwide. CLPS provides services with multiple functions, including loans, deposits, general ledger, wealth management, debit cards, anti-money laundering, statements and reports, and risk management. CLPS also provides architecture consulting services for core banking systems and online and mobile banking.

3. Solution Services : CLPS is also an IT solution service provider for Chinese and global financial institutions, providing Chinese and global financial institutions with business and technical knowledge including cloud computing and big data. CLPS provides software project development, maintenance and testing solution services, including COBOL, Java, .NET, Mobile and other technical applications.

4. Other Services : CLPS Virtual Banking Platform (CLB, virtual banking platform). CLB is a unique and successful IT talent training platform owned by CLPS. For more than ten years, CLPS has been focusing on recruitment, training, development and retention of human capital and talents. CLPS has been developing and continuously upgrading CLB to train professional financial IT personnel, so as to differentiate itself from general IT developers.

Huaqin Technology CLPS Inc. (CLPS) investment:

Huaqin Technology CLPS Inc. (NASDAQ:CLPS) submitted its IPO prospectus on 3/27/2018, and plans to land on Nasdaq on 5/24/2018. The issue price is US$5.250, 2 million shares are issued, and 10.5 million funds are raised. Dollar.

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