China Stocks: Niu Technologies (NIU), a provider of smart city travel tools

Niu Technologies (NASDAQ: NIU) was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Beijing, China, with 348 full-time employees (6/30/2018). It is a smart city travel solution provider dedicated to providing more convenience for users worldwide Eco-friendly smart city travel tools make city life better. The core team mainly comes from the world’s top companies such as BMW , Intel , Microsoft , Huawei , McKinsey and KKR .

Niu Technologies Logo

Niu Technologies (NIU):

Since the launch of the first smart lithium-ion electric car-Mavericks N1 in 2015, Niu Dian Technology has adhered to the minimalist design concept and the core values ​​of technology, trend, and freedom. It has successively launched three series of N, M, and U, and many models Products to meet consumers’ multi-scenario and personalized travel needs.

The Mavericks electric products have won many internationally influential design awards such as the German Red Dot. The Mavericks electric M1 has even won the German Red Dot, German IF, American IDEA, Japanese G-Mark, China Red Star, and Taiwan Golden Pin, Hong Kong DFA and other international awards are the only travel product that has won seven global awards in 20 years. At the same time, Niu Dian Technology has created a one-stop all-round service system through “Mavericks electric series models + Mavericks electric APP + automobile 4S service standards” to promote the reform and product upgrade of the electric vehicle industry.

Mavericks Electric is not only unique in the domestic electric vehicle field, but also widely recognized in the international market.

As of now (September 2018), Mavericks has more than 600 sales outlets in China, covering more than 150 cities; it has entered more than 20 countries overseas to provide global users with richer and better quality products and services.

Niu Technologies (NIU) Prospectus:

According to the updated prospectus, Niu Power Technology has raised a maximum of 119 million US dollars, which is slightly less than the proposed maximum of 150 million US dollars in the first submission of the prospectus. “Although the shrinkage ratio is not high, it also reflects the’unconfidence’ of Niudian Technology to a certain extent.” “Previously, the industry was generally optimistic about Niudian Technology’s IPO, and the maximum amount of funds raised should be around 300 million US dollars. “

According to incomplete statistics, since August, Qutoutiao , Weilai Auto , Yunmi Technology and other companies have all lowered their maximum raised amounts before listing.

Niu Dian Technology’s current revenue is mainly composed of three parts: sales of smart electric vehicles, sales of accessories and spare parts, and provision of mobile applications and other services. Among them, smart electric vehicles have become the main source of revenue. In 2017, sales of this part of the business reached 710 million yuan, accounting for 92.2% of total net revenue; in the first half of 2018, this part of business revenue was 514 million yuan, accounting for total net revenue. The proportion of revenue expanded to 92.3%.

The prospectus shows that after the IPO, Niu Dian Technology will adopt a dual-shareholding structure, divided into Class A common stocks and Class B common stocks. The company will issue Class A common shares in the IPO. Chairman and CEO Li Yan, Director and Vice President of R&D Hu Yilin, and Vice President of Design Liu Chuankai will hold all Class B common shares. Niudian Technology’s Class A common shares and Class B common shares differ only in conversion rights and voting rights.

According to the data, Niudian Technology’s net revenue, revenue cost, gross profit, and operating expenses in the first half of 2018 were 557 million yuan, 477 million yuan, 79.9 million yuan, and 359 million yuan, respectively, all higher than the same period last year. In addition, the company has been losing money for the past two years. The total loss before tax in 2016 was about 233 million yuan, and the net loss in 2017 was 185 million yuan; the operating loss in the first half of 2018 was 280 million yuan, and the net loss was 315 million yuan.

Niu Technologies (NIU) investment:

The development of the electric vehicle market has led to a number of listed companies. In addition to Niu Dian Technology, Yadea was listed on the Hong Kong stock market in 2016, and Xinri was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2017. Emma is also seeking an A-share listing this year. But the editor just wants to ask, how can the power limit and motorcycle limit in many cities be broken?

Niu Technologies (NASDAQ: NIU) submitted its IPO prospectus on 9/24/2018 and listed on NASDAQ on 10/19/2018. The planned issue price is 10.50 -12.50 U.S. dollars, the actual issue price is 9 U.S. dollars, and the issuance is 830. 10,000 shares, raised USD 74.7 million, underwritten by Credit Suisse/Citigroup.

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