China Stocks: See developers of online games and mobile Limited (CYOU) (2003) Limited (NASDAQ: CYOU) was established in Beijing, China in 2003 with 3,262 full-time employees. It is a subsidiary of Sohu that specializes in developing and operating online games. Its main source of income is the prop-paid game “Tian Long Ba Bu”. On November 29, 2011, Changyou announced that it would acquire all assets related to the 17173 business from Sohu for a fixed cash consideration of US$162.5 million.

cyou logo Limited (CYOU):

Martial arts games

  • New Tianlong Babu
  • Sword hero
  • Lu Ding Ji
  • Taoyuan 2.0
  • New Water Margin Q Biography
  • Xuanyuan Sword 7
  • Legend of Jiuding

Fantasy game

  • Fantasy domain
  • Soul echo
  • Empire of Blaze II
  • Fights Break the Sky OL
  • Savage Search for Gods

Competitive Games

  • Naval world
  • Star Warframe
  • Core master

Stand-alone game

  • Xuanyuan Sword 6
  • The Legend of Xuanyuan Sword: The Gate of the Sky

Mobile game (mobile game)

  • Demon Sword Blade
  • Qin Shimingyue 2
  • COS chaos
  • Denon Babu 3D
  • Xuanyuan Sword Fighting Edition
  • Datang Shuanglong Biography
  • All in the world

Web game (page game)

  • Divine Comedy 2
  • Sword shadow
  • Qin Shimingyue
  • Fengyun Wushuang

Changyou CYOU Investment Reference:

Changyou was listed on NASDAQ on April 2, 2009, with an issue price of US$16 per ADS. 1ADS=2 ordinary shares. 68% of Changyou’s shares are owned by Sohu.

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