China Stocks: SouFun Wangfang Tianxia Fang Holdings (SFUN) (1999)

Founded in 1999, SouFun Wangfang Fang Holdings Limited (NYSE:SFUN) is headquartered in Beijing, China, and employs 40,351 people. It is a Chinese real estate and home furnishing network media and information service company and the world’s largest real estate and home furnishing network platform. It has been leading new homes and second-hand homes. Internet innovation in the fields of housing, renting, home furnishing, and real estate research is absolutely leading in the PC and mobile fields.

soufang logo Fang Holdings (SFUN):

SouFun has a comprehensive layout in mobile technology, products, and promotion, and has locked in its leading position in the mobile field. SouFun Wangfang Tianxia App with 30 million users is China’s largest real estate mobile application platform. As of December 2014, the coverage and activity rate of SouFun Wangfang Tianxia APP in real estate mobile applications have ranked first, far ahead of other competitors in the same industry; as of January 2015, the number of monthly active users on PC and mobile platforms was 8,200 More than ten thousand. has more than 42 million registered users who have a strong demand for buying, selling, and decorating houses, and nearly 20 million SouFun card members with prospective purchase intentions.

Xinfangbang APP, Soufangbang APP, and Decoration Bang APP are professional mobile tools for new house property consultants, second-hand house brokers, designers, etc., with daily active users exceeding 200,000, with more than 3 million registered users, and second-hand house brokers 276 Million, and 130,000 for new house property consultants.

SouFun has in-depth cooperation with nearly 10,000 new house development companies, 100,000 second-hand housing brokerage companies, and more than 9,000 home brand companies across the country. According to (DCCI) third-party monitoring data, SouFun ranked first in the advertising rate in Q4 2014 , Customer coverage is the first in the industry market.

SouFun World Fang Holdings (SFUN) investment:

SouFun was listed for trading on the New York Stock Exchange on September 17, 2010. A total of 2.9 million ADSs were issued at an IPO price of US$42.50 (1ADS=4 ordinary shares), and approximately US$124.7 million was raised; this issuance is mainly original Some shareholders reduced their holdings, and SouFun actually raised US$10 million. SouFun implemented a share split on February 18, 2011, one split into four, that is, 1ADS=1 common stock after the split.

Our attitude towards China’s concept stocks has been explained early on . Although SouFun is a leading enterprise in China’s real estate and home network media and information services, it is at the end of the industry chain with the saturation of China’s real estate market and the arrival of population inflection points. It is difficult for SouFun to stand alone and will bear the brunt of the economic crisis that follows. It is recommended to stay away!

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