China’s concept stock: ceramic tile company-China Ceramics (CCCL) (1993)

China Ceramics Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ:CCCL) was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, China. It has 1,417 full-time employees. It is a ceramic tile manufacturer and seller.

China Ceramics Co. Ltd. Logo

China Ceramics (CCCL):

China Ceramics Co., Ltd. mainly produces ceramic (tile) products for exterior wall panels, interior floors, and residential and commercial building designs. The scope of services covers China and international markets.

The main products of China Ceramics are ceramic tiles, glazed tiles, glazed tiles, ultra-thin tiles, and polished glazed tiles. The brands include: Hengda, Hendeli, Pottery Capital of Tang Dynasty, TOERTO and Wuliqiao ( WULIQIAO).

China Ceramics Co., Ltd. mainly sells its products directly to real estate developers through its distribution network.

logo ceramic sculpture 02

China Ceramics (CCCL) investment:

The market value of 3.98 million US dollars (August 3, 2017), privatize it quickly!

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