Chinese stocks: cosmetics e-commerce-Jumei International (JMEI)-delisting (2010)

Jumei International Holding Limited (NYSE: JMEI) was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Beijing, China. Its founders are Chen Ou and Dai Yusen. The company has 1,448 full-time employees. The company is committed to creating a simple, interesting and trustworthy cosmetic shopping experience .


On April 15, 2020, Jumei Youpin announced the completion of privatization and officially delisted from the New York Stock Exchange.

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Jumei International (JMEI):

JMEI pioneered the concept of “cosmetics group buying”: hundreds of popular cosmetics are recommended on the website every day, and they are sold in limited quantities at discounts far below the market price. Since its establishment in March 2010, based on word-of-mouth communication, Jumei Youpin has developed into a self-built warehouse with a total area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters, professional customer service centers, and more than 30 million registrations in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Shenyang. China’s leading cosmetics e-commerce website with users and monthly sales exceeding 600 million yuan has become one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in China in recent years.

Jumeiyoupin insists on user experience as the highest demand, promises “100% authentic”, “100% real shot” and “30 days unpacking and unconditional return” policies, and strives to bring unique beautiful surprises to every girl. But the actual situation is the endless sale of fake and fake news.

Jumeiyoupin company history:

2010.03 The predecessor of Jumei Youpin, Tuanmei Online, became the first cosmetics group buying website in China

2010.04 Jumei Youpin took the lead in launching the three major policies of 30-day unconditional return, full guarantee, and 100% authenticity, setting industry benchmark

2010.04 Take the lead in the industry to launch “Buy 2 Free Shipping”, bringing benefits to users and leading the industry in service

Two months after the launch on May 2010, more than 10,000 people have enjoyed premium beauty makeup at Jumei Youpin

2010.08 took the lead in launching a series of new convenient functions such as shopping cart, consolidated delivery, postponed delivery, etc.

2010.08 More than 100,000 people enjoyed the value shopping experience of Jumei Youpin

2010.09 The new brand Jumeiyoupin was launched, and the new domain name JUMEI.COM was released at the same time

2010.10 The monthly sales of Jumei Premium exceeded 10 million yuan

2010.11 Launched the mobile version of Jumei Youpin, browse and buy anytime, anywhere, beautiful without regret

2010.12 The online return system was launched, and the return was completed within a short time, and the worry-free shopping experience was improved.

2011.02 The 1 millionth user registered for Jumei Youpin

2011.03 total sales exceeded 150 million

2011.04 launched the word-of-mouth center, with 10,000 word-of-mouth reports that month

2011.05 sales exceeded 30 million, and the warehouse sent more than 200,000 parcels every month

2011.06 Jumei Youpin challenged itself and launched the highest after-sales policy in the cosmetics industry “Unconditional return within 30 days after opening”, creating a top trust experience

2011.06 Jumei Youpin Mall is gorgeously launched

2011.12 annual sales exceeded 700 million yuan

2012.04 Jumeiyoupin launched the warehouse division plan, and the Shanghai, Chengdu, and Guangzhou warehouses have been put into operation one after another. The speed of warehousing and logistics has been accelerated across the board, and the delivery in 6 hours

2012.06 Jumeiyoupin launched Chengdu R&D Center (Chengdu Jumeiyoupin Technology Co., Ltd.)

2012.07 Jumeiyoupin first proposed the brand flagship store model. Dozens of well-known beauty brands at home and abroad, such as L’Oréal Paris, Shiseido, and Citaf, collectively settled in Jumeiyoupin and opened an official authorized flagship store

In December 2012, sales exceeded 300 million yuan, with annual sales of 2.5 billion yuan, a growth rate faster than any e-commerce website in Chinese history

2013.03 Jumeiyoupin celebrated its third anniversary with sales of 1 billion yuan

2013.08 Jumeiyoupin takes the lead in major cosmetics brands to establish the first Chinese cosmetics authenticity alliance, and establishes the “authentic security code alliance anti-counterfeiting system”

2013.12 Jumei Youpin officially opened its first offline flagship store on Qianmen Street, Beijing

2013 annual sales exceeded 6 billion yuan

2014.05Jumei Youpin IPO on the New York Stock Exchange

In June 2014, Jumei Youpin launched a low-key overseas purchase on the Haitao website. In September, Jumei made full efforts to purchase overseas and opened an independent channel on the homepage.

In August 2017, Jumei Youpin announced the completion of the acquisition of Street Power, and its wholly-owned subsidiary will hold 60% of Street Power.

On April 15, 2020, Jumei Youpin announced the completion of privatization and officially delisted from the New York Stock Exchange.

Jumei International (JMEI) investment:

Privatization and delisting!

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