Chinese stocks: P2P network loan company Senmiao Technology (AIHS)

Sichuan Senmiao Ronglian Technology Co., Ltd. (Aihongsen) Senmiao Technology Limited (NASDAQ: AIHS) was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. It has 32 full-time employees (3/19/2018). how self-introduction, say how iffy, how high-tech and see his essence, even if the lender is a P2P network, we introduced a lot before, including: letters and rich , and credit , a pat on the loan , interesting shops and so on. Next week, there will be another company of the same type- Dianniu Finance that will be listed on Nasdaq.


Senmiao Technology (AIHS) Senmiao Technology (AIHS):

From the official website :

Ihongsen ( is a comprehensive financial technology service platform under Sichuan Senmiao Ronglian Technology Co., Ltd., adhering to the business development philosophy of integrity, professionalism, efficiency, and transparency, innovatively proposing a P2B2C business model, and striving to provide scenarios The institutions provide a full range of financial and technological support, improve the operating efficiency of the serviced institutions, and provide a number of financial value-added services to their users, fully implementing the concept of inclusive finance.

Ai Hongsen officially launched the bank funds depository system created by Guangdong Huaxing Bank in February 2017. Aihongsen always adheres to compliance operations, actively embraces supervision, fully accepts the supervision of the government and society, and fulfills the corresponding information disclosure obligations.

Relying on mature and rigorous asset management service experience and featuring a multi-dimensional independent risk management system, Aihongsen contributes to the promotion of industry development. It is a trustworthy comprehensive service platform for financial technology in the hearts of users.

Senmiao Technology (AIHS) investment:

Sichuan Senmiao Ronglian Technology Co., Ltd. (Aihongsen) Senmiao Technology (NASDAQ: AIHS) listed on Nasdaq on 3/16/2018 IPO, with an issue price of US$4, issuing 3 million shares, raising US$12 million, and stocks Code: AIHS.

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