Chinese stocks: Sharing Economy International Inc. (SEII) (1987)

Sharing Economy International Inc. (OTC Markets: SEII) was founded in 1987, formerly known as China Wind Energy Technology (Cleantech Solutions International, Inc. (formerly NASDAQ: CLNT)), and changed to its current name in January 2018 , Named China Wind Systems, Inc. before June 2011, headquartered in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China, with 137 full-time employees, and develop technologies, products and services through its subsidiaries to minimize pollution and waste To protect the environment. The company aims to promote the development of the sharing economy through the strategic acquisition of enterprises in the sharing economy field and the research and development of blockchain to integrate various businesses.

Sharing Economy International Inc

Sharing Economy International Inc. (SEII):

Sharing Economy International will use blockchain technology to integrate various sharing platforms obtained and operated by third parties to build a truly global sharing economy ecosystem in a distributed, efficient and safe operating environment. The company’s vision is to create a reliable, user-friendly and safe sharing economy ecosystem. A standalone application will enable users to effectively share public and private resources.

The goal of Sharing Economy International is to apply advanced technical concepts of blockchain technology, such as distributed ledgers and smart contracts, as well as other technologies such as image recognition and matching, mobile payment solutions and artificial intelligence analysis to develop “Sharing Blocks” platform. “Sharing Blocks” will allow sharing economy applications to share, communicate and collaborate with each other within the sharing economy ecosystem in a distributed, efficient and safe global link operating environment. This will make sharing simpler and easier, and help sharing economy providers focus their work on their sharing business models and provide ready-made technical solutions.

In addition to the blockchain business, Sharing Economy International also designs, manufactures and distributes various dyeing and finishing machinery for dyeing yarn, such as pure cotton, cotton-polyester, polyester, polyester wool, polypropylene fiber, nylon, cotton Ramie and wool yarns. The company’s products include airflow dyeing machines, post-processing drying and compacting machines, and washing machines. The company sells its products directly to various textile manufacturers.

Sharing Economy International Inc. (SEII) 2018 pre-transformation business:

Clean Technology Solutions International (hereinafter referred to as: Clean Technology) is a US-listed holding company that conducts business through its affiliates and subsidiaries. As a Cayman Island limited liability company, Cleantech is the sole owner of Flauze (“Flauze”). Green Energy Environmental Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“Green Energy”) and Wuxi Fulian Wind Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. (“Quan X Wind Energy”) owned by Fu Lao Ze Company are 100% capital stocks. Green Energy and Fu X Wind Energy are wholly foreign-owned enterprises (“WFOE”) organized under the laws of the People’s Republic of China (“PRC” or “China”). Green Energy has a series of contract arrangements with Wuxi Huayang Power Equipment Co., Ltd. (“Electric”) and Wuxi Huayang Dyeing and Finishing Machinery Co., Ltd. (“Dyeing and Finishing”). Both electrical and dyeing and finishing companies are limited liability companies organized in accordance with local laws. Electrical and dyeing and finishing are sometimes collectively referred to as “Huayang Company.”

Clean Technology Solutions International is a company that produces high-precision metal parts, components and other products. The company provides processed products and mechanical services to a series of customers. Many of the company’s customers manufacture clean technology equipment, such as wind turbines, or their industries, such as dyeing and finishing equipment, which can help them improve energy efficiency in the production process as required.

Forged rings and related products

  • Wind power industry products

Clean technology uses precision forging technology to manufacture high-quality large forged rings, as well as yaw bearings and shafts for large windmills. The company believes that leading clean technology, advanced production equipment and an effective long-term customer network differentiate the company from competitors. As a major company in the industry, Cleantech is committed to becoming the world’s leading supplier of wind power components in the next few years.

  • Products from other industries

In addition to supplying products to the wind power industry, the company also produces and supplies various heavy-duty precision forgings, manufacturing parts and components for customers in other clean technology industries.

The clean technology production equipment lights up as a 4,500-ton pressure ring rolling machine, which adopts advanced axial closed-die forging technology to produce rolling rings with a diameter of 6.3 meters and a cross-section of 700 mm and wind power with a power generation capacity of 1mw-3mw. The shaft of a turbine generator set. Cleantech also holds a series of seminars to discuss the manufacture, welding, machining and assembly of high-strength materials. Cleantech is an ISO9001:2000 certified supplier with strong international management, engineering and technical capabilities. These qualifications enable the company to meet the most stringent requirements of customers from all over the world.

Dyeing and finishing equipment

  • Dyeing and finishing products of textile industry

Clean technology designs, manufactures and sells a series of patented high and low temperature dyeing and finishing machinery. It is a leading manufacturer of textile dyeing and finishing machinery in China, and the company’s Huayang brand is recognized nationwide.

The clean technology production base covers an area of ​​more than 1.1 million square feet. In addition to the clean technology forging business, the company has established domestic advanced manufacturing, processing, and assembly workshops to meet the needs of customers in the clean technology industry.

Sharing Economy International Inc. (SEII) investment:

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